Rolling Feelings

Rolling feelings is a short story.

This story is about Charlotte, she's 16 and has a pretty much normal live in the eyes of her parents but...her life isn't as perfect as you'd think.

This story is based off of a real story...many actually, since this happens so many times in society.


3. Chapter 3

The rain stopped and the sun was going down now that we were able to see it.

I stepped outside of the building and waited for Charlotte, I still wanted to finish our conversation in the least. Finally I, there she was, eyes looking down, beautiful dark blue eyes and brown hair, the white bandage on her cheek. She was listening to music on her phone, I always wondered what she was listening to. I walked towards the school gate right behind her, I entered the bus and saw her sitting down on the first sit available, I sat besides her.

She looked at me surprised again, I could feel not only her eyes on me, everyone's eyes to be honest. I felt them judging me.

-What are yo-

-Trying to help you, now just follow me once I get out.- I interrupted her and grabbed her hand. At that moment I felt like my friends weren't even on my side.

I looked around to see everyone staring at me.I knew it. I looked outside through the window, I didn't even realized the bus had already started to move, we were almost there already.

About 5 minutes later, the bus stopped in the middle of the field, it was foggy but I knew my home sweet home was still there.

I got up with Charlotte, I was surprised she actually followed me. We both got out of that hell ride, I tighten the grip that was holding her hand and started walking through the foggy field, thank god I was able to see the path in my feet.

-W-Were are you taking me?

She asked as time froze between us.

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