Rolling Feelings

Rolling feelings is a short story.

This story is about Charlotte, she's 16 and has a pretty much normal live in the eyes of her parents but...her life isn't as perfect as you'd think.

This story is based off of a real story...many actually, since this happens so many times in society.


1. Chapter 1

Raindrops, that's all I heard. The bus was rather slow but it was enough too see everything blurry from the other side of the window...or was it really my eyes?

Well, I doesn't matter, this story isn't really about me or my life. It's Charlotte's. Charlotte is the girl sitting in the front seat of the bus, unlike me, I'm in the back with my Best Friend. My name's Robert, Charlotte and I are in the same class...but we never talked. Wondering why? Because back in the time I was a coward who only thought about himself.


Charlotte's reputation was not the best. She got bullied a lot by the old kids since elementary school, I remember she was bullied because she was always quiet and she always had good grades compared to us. Now that I look back to it, I feel awful for not doing a thing every time I saw her getting pushed, getting beaten, getting slapped. I couldn't... I just thought about me at the time. Well! Enough about me. This was about 3 years ago so it's only normal if some parts of my story don't seem right.

Let's get started then...


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