the blue eyed night fury

a girl and her night fury run into hiccup and toothless read to see what happens. inspired by Ellie glister and her story the girl with the blue eyed night fury. this will take place after the movies and TV series may contain spoilers


1. the hunt

"shadow!" I called from the other room. shadow watcher, my night fury had decided to sleep in today. "Come on you like to go hunting." at that her head went up. Our food supply was getting low so I decided it was time for a hunt, the other day wile riding we had come across a new island .I figured we could hunt and explore, two birds one stone. finally I got shadow fed and put her saddle on. After about two hours we got to the island. we found a place to land and I got my hunting supplies out." ok shadow you can go." I almost always just let shadow go hunt for herself while go into forest. its easier since we clearly don't have the same diet or eat the same amount. it had only been about half an hour when I heard a twig break. I immediately pulled out my bow and aimed at the where the noise had come from. I nearly took his head off when a boy around my age come slowly out of the bushes followed by, to my extreme surprise a growling night fury. I had been sure that shadow was the only one." Will you please point your arrow away from my dragon please." he said. I hadn't realized that I was and pointed it at him instead." Who are you and why are you here?" I asked him." My name is hiccup and my dragon and I are just here exploring. do you live on this island?" he responded." I will not tell you anything until my dragon is here." I snapped back." SHADOW!" I called out. within 5 seconds shadow was at my side. " my name is Arabella I don't live here I'm just hunting." I said. hiccup just stood there and stared at shadow." why are you staring at her." I asked him." I thought that toothless was the only night fury left." he said still keeping a blank stare of astonishment pointed at shadow." at that moment I a curious boy wanting more information on my dragon. I mumbled to myself" I think I will seeing a lot more of this hiccup."   


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