the blue eyed night fury

a girl and her night fury run into hiccup and toothless read to see what happens. inspired by Ellie glister and her story the girl with the blue eyed night fury. this will take place after the movies and TV series may contain spoilers


2. taken to the edge

I talked some more with hiccup trying to get a feel of what he was like. I made sure to keep shadow as far away from toothless, hiccups dragon, as possible. I didn't know how well trained this dragon was and I couldn't have shadow getting injured." How did u find shadow, I mean, I had to practically shoot toothless out of the sky." hiccup asked me.    " I've had her for as long as I can I remember my village had always been kind to dragons." I told him." Where is your village exactly?"." Its pretty much gone now. Since we had so many dragons around we were constantly getting attacked by dragon hunters. My parents were killed and everyone else moved." I responded. I heard a twig break somewhere behind me and I immediately had my arrow pointed at the sound. hiccup seemed to realize what the sound was and hurried to calm me down." its just Astrid she's with me she wont attack." he explained." Astrid come out here she wont hurt us.". " hiccup who is this?"Astrid asked as she came out of the trees. I said with my arrow pointed at her " my name is Arabella this is my dragon shadow." I was okay with telling her this because I figured if I didn't hiccup would anyway. saying shadows name must have brought attention to her because Astrid could barely get words out" that's a... that's a night fury. hiccup we have to take her to others at the edge."." what's the edge and who are the others." I demanded. "how about we show you." hiccup said.           

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