The Imprint

So you would think finding your soul mate would be the most magical time in your life right? Well not for me! Apparently im an imprint and to none other than to Niall Horan the biggest(sexiest) ass to ever live on this planet. Follow me Aly Malik through my story of hate, heart break, love, and lots and lots of amazing sex


2. Chapter 2

A/N- I am so sorry that I have not written anything for this fanfic in a long time. School and sports have caused a lot if distractions. Thank you so much to all of the people who faved this story. I really appreciate it. Also someone pointed out that Niall should be sweet but him being a jerk is part of the beginning, I promise!

Now on to the story. Hope you enjoy!!

Niall P.O.V.

Walking into class I can't help but wonder if Aly has a thing for me. I mean I am the hottest guy at this school and anyone would be lucky to have me. But I just can't seem to find the right girl. Aly is different though. She stands up for herself when I'm a jerk to her and she doesn't throw herself at me like all the other girls.

After the 45 minutes of not paying attention it's time to go to French, a class I have with Aly. Walking into class I see Aly talking to some chick I don't know. I walk to the back of class and sit next to her.

"Hey babe, you should come over tonight. Promise it'll be fun," I whisper into her ear.

She turns around and gives me the biggest glare ever. I laugh and turn my attention to the front where the teacher has begun to talk. All during class I take side glances at Aly to see what she's doing.

She won't stop giggling at her phone and being nosy I try to see over her shoulder. She catches me most of the time and turns off her phone.

After class I ask, " Where you texting your best friend about me the whole class? All those giggles must have been about me."

"As if. If I talk about you it's definitely not to giggle." She replies.

"Oh, so you admit you talk about me?" I say back.

"Whatever lets you sleep at night Niall. Bye!!!" She says as she walks out the door. Looking down I can see the curve of her ass and I know if anyone will get to touch it, it'll be me.

This year I will make Aly Malik mine.

Again this is my first fanfic so all the support and help is appreciated. Hope you liked this chapter. If not leave a comment on what can be improved. Thank you for reading!!


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