Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


22. Wedding to Save

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          “Ash!” Joey’s voice slashes through my sleep. “Wake up!”

          I bolt up in my bed, my hair all over the place. “What?”

          “Oh, wow, that is a hot look on you?” Joey smirks.

          I try to fix my hair and pull my t-shirt up a little, “Where did you go?”

          “Oh yeah, that’s what I was going to tell you. I went back to my room to get some clothes and check on Chandler. Phoebe called and said Rachel is coming.”

          “Wait what?” I jump out of bed, rushing around for clothes.

          “No need to rush, cupcake,” Joey chuckles. “Chandler is looking for Monica, and we just have to stop Rachel before she gets into the wedding hall.”

          “Why is she coming?” I take a deep breath and find the bra and underwear that I want.

          “She realized she loves Ross, and she thinks she has to come and tell him.”

          “I can’t believe it. Poor Pheebs couldn’t do anything to stop her.”

          “So, Chandler and Monica will watch from inside and we will keep watch outside.”

          “I won’t be in the wedding any longer?”

          “Would you be okay with that?”

          “Yes, I would, so much,” I sit on the edgy of my bed.

          “You still have to wear the dress, the bridesmaid dress.”

          “Of course,” I sigh. “So, we don’t have to worry until the wedding?”

          “Well, it’s in just a few hours. You’ve been sleeping for a long time.”

          I look down as my cheeks heat up. “What does that mean?”

          “That I’m amazing and wore you out.”

          “Well, I am going to take a shower then. Wait for me out here,” I stand up.

          A finger touches my chin and gently raises my head. “Don’t be embarrassed.”

          “Ha, I’m not.”

          He gives me a slow kiss. “I love you, Ash.”

          I smile and kiss him back. “I love you too, Joe. Now let me take a shower.”

          “Be quick. We have a Rachel to stop.”

          “And a wedding to save.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If you couldn't tell, this story is almost over. Hope you have lived it! :D
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