Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


19. Wandering around London

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          “I still can’t believe that I’m in London,” I smile as I lace up my Converse high tops.

          “But you would rather go out with Chandler and Joey than hang with me,” Monica exits the hotel bathroom.

          Her and I are roomed together while Chandler and Joey are in a room together.

          “Well, that is my brother and boyfriend. And you can hang with Ross and Emily.”

          “I guess they might need help with the wedding.”

          “Do you think Phoebe and Rachel are doing okay?”

          “Phoebe is carrying three babies; I just hope she doesn’t give birth while we are away. As for Rachel, I don’t know. She must be a little sad she’s not here, but her work will keep her busy.”

          “I guess you’re right.”

          A knock comes at our door, and I walk to open it.

          “Hi cupcake,” Joey smirks from the other side.

          “Hello, Joseph,” I give him a quick kiss.

          “Ready to go exploring?” He holds up a camcorder and a map.

          “Where’s Chandler?”

          “Waiting in the lobby.”

          “Then I am ready,” I smile. “I’m heading out, Monica.”

          “Have fun!” Monica calls out.

          I grab my purse, and then exit the room.

          “I have the whole day planned,” Joey grabs my hand. “It is going to be so much fun.”

          I giggle, “I can’t wait to see al the city has to offer.”

          “Did you have time to work on your novel?”

          “I did, so this is well deserved.”

          A few minutes later, and no longer holding hands, we make it to the lobby and join up with Chandler.

          “Ready to go?” Chandler rubs my shoulder.

          “So ready,” I smile.

          The three of us exit the London Marriott, and Joey turns on the camcorder, pointing it at Chandler and I.

          “Do something!” Joey whines.

          “I am,” Chandler looks away. “I am ignoring you.”

          “What should I do?” I pout.

          “Here,” Joey hands the camcorder to Chandler. “I’ll be the one on camera. First stop, Westminster Abbey.” He unfolds his map, revealing pop-ups of major landmarks.

          “What the hell is that?” Chandler aim the camcorder at Joey.

          “It’s kind of cute,” I place my hand on Joey’s arm.

          “It’s London, baby!” Joey begins to figure out where to go, going so far as to place the map on the ground and stepping into it.

          “If you see a little me in there. Kill it,” Chandler rolls his eyes.

          “Let him be,” I lightly slap my brother.

          “We’re not going to have to do this the whole walk, are we?”

          “You made me lose it, man!” Joey places the map back on the ground and steps into it again.

          “We have all day, it is fine,” I sigh, looking up at the clear sky.

          After sometime, we make it to our destination, and Joey has the camcorder again.

          “What do you think of Westminster Abbey, Ash?” Joey gets me on the camera.

          “Best Abbey I have ever seen,” I smile and nod. “Hands down.”

          “Chandler,” Joey pushes my brother into the camcorder’s view. “What do you think Chandler?”

          “It’s great. Y’know, they’re thinking of changing the name.”

          “Really?” I confusingly ask.

          “To what?” Joey asks.

          “To put the camera away!” Chandler walks off to the building.

          “Man, you are Westminster Crabby.”

          I giggle, “C’mon, let’s catch up.”

          After we are done at Westminster Abbey, we head to a park and end up at a vender stall.

          “Hey!” Joey walks right up to the souvenir stand.

          “What are you guys in the market for?” The vender man asks.

          “I want a little flag,” I pull out some money and pay the man.

          “Here you go, ma’am,” he hands me a small British flag.

          “How’s this look?” Joey has a tall hat with the British flag on it. “This is it. What do you think?”

          “Wow,” I bite my lip to say no more.

          “I don’t have to buy that ‘I’m with Stupid’ shirt anymore,” Chandler glowers.

          “Well, I like it,” Joey hands the man some money.

          “Wait, you’re really buying that hat?” I take a deep breath.

          “Don’t you think you’ve embarrassed me enough?” Chandler groans.

          “Oh, I embarrass you?” Joey asks.

          “And me, a little,” I mumble.

          “I can’t answer that when I’m pretending I don’t know you,” Chandler answers.

          “They’re jealous,” the vender says.

          “Of a hat?” I scoff.

          “If you insist on wearing that hat in public, you are spending the rest of the day alone,” Chandler says.

          “I’m choosing the hat,” Joey fixes his hat.

          “And me?” I cross my arms over my chest.

          “Cup—Ash,” Joey lets out a breath.

          “That’s it,” Chandler brings the attention back to himself. “I am out. I will not be embarrassed anymore!” He angrily walks off, tripping over a box and falling into a flower stand. Then he stands up and tries to coolly walk off.

          “Well, if he is gone,” I turn to Joey. “Please, the hat.”

          “Take it or leave it,” Joey states.

          “Fine. Let’s get going.”

          After walking around looking for Buckingham Palace, luck would have it that we run into Fergie. She is super nice, and we tape her saying that she likes Joey’s hat.

          “That was crazy,” I smile as we walk away from Fergie.

          Joey intertwines our fingers, “It was. Chandler is going to be so jealous.”

          “I just want to get back to the hotel and call up Phoebe. I miss her.”

          “Aw,” Joey kisses the top of my head. “We’re heading back right now. She probably misses you too.”


This was such a weird, yet cute and fun, chapter to write. Hope you liked it! :D

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