Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


16. Ross and Emily

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          “Hi Ross, Emily,” I smile as they walk onto the fourth floor landing.

          “Hey Ash,” Ross smiles. “Why are you here? It’s perfect, though.”

          “I’m here to see Joey and my brother.”

          The door opens and Joey is on the other side. “Hey Ash,” he smirks. “Oh, and hi Ross and Emily.”

          “Is Chandler in there?” Emily timidly asks.

          “Chandler,” Joey calls back into the apartment.

          “So I can’t hang out with Joey and Chandler right now?” I look around at everyone.

          “You will have time later,” Ross has a big smile on his face.

          “What?” Chandler glares from behind Joey. “Oh, Ashley, you make this a bit better.”

          “I know,” I grin.

          “Come on,” Ross grabs Joey and Chandler, dragging them over to the apartment across the hall.

          Monica and Rachel are so happy to be back in their apartment. They had to do something to appease the boys, but it all worked out. Joey needed some kisses from me to be fully okay, and I was fine with that.

          “It is so nice to see Ross like this,” I say to Emily. “Love is hard to find,” I glance at Joey as he’s pulled into the other apartment. “You are so lucky.”

          “It seems you might have found someone you love,” Emily states.

          “Oh,” I slightly smile. “Maybe.”

          The two of us walk into Monica and Rachel’s apartment; smiles on each of our faces.

          “What’s going on?” Monica asks.

          I walk over to Joey standing in the kitchen. “Ross must have something important to tell everyone.”

          “Okay, it’s um. Emily and I, we, decided to, get married,” Ross sputters out.

          The room goes silent as the news stuns us.

          “Wow,” I lean into Joey.

          “Are you pregnant too!?” Phoebe blurts out.

          “Uh, no,” Emily looks kind of shocked.

          “When did…how did you,” Monica can’t seem to get a sentence out.

          “We just decided to go for it,” Ross answers.

          “It is a bit hasty, but, it just feels right,” Emily adds.

          At that moment, Rachel walks in form her room. No emotion on her face. It’s then I realize she heard everything and she wishes she didn’t. I also can’t believe I didn’t notice she wasn’t in the room.

          “Oh, Rachel, I was just telling everyone…” Ross doesn’t know how to take Rachel at the moment.

          “I heard,” she takes a slow, deep breath. “I think it’s great!” Her whole mood changes and she rushes over to give Ross a hug. “I’m so happy for you!”

          Everyone glances around at each other, and then the mood of the whole room is lifted.

          “That’s great man!” Chandler says.

          “Yeah, yeah!” Joey puts his arm around my upper back.

          “I think it is great you know you love each other so you don’t want to wait any longer,” I smile.

          Rachel is no longer hugging Ross, and I can’t help but wonder if she really is okay. It is her ex that she was very serious with.

          “Thank you all so much,” Emily smiles.

          “We should drink to celebrate!” Ross shouts.

          “Phoebe,” I roll my eyes.

          “We can eat then,” Ross recovers.

          “Monica and Rachel made out,” Joey starts giggling.

          “Goodness, you are such a child,” I stand up and his arm falls off me.

          “Wait, what?” Ross looks around at everyone.

          “Don’t worry about it,” Monica waves it off. “Let’s eat!”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Chapters will be short from now on if you couldn't tell. Hope you liked it! :D
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