Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


5. Over to Monica and Rachel's

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          After a lovely breakfast, Phoebe and I decide to get ready, dressing in casual outfits. Both of us choose to wear dresses: Phoebe in a dark blue floor length and myself in a white with black polka dots knee length. I have to wear black tights to fight off the cold, and we both pick black flats to wear. Then once we put on our coats, we head out.

          “So Phoebe, where are we headed?” I ask once we’ve exited the building.

          “Over to Monica and Rachel’s place,” Phoebe links her arm with mine.

          “Ah, so Monica and Rachel live together. You and I live together. Chandler and Joey live together. So Ross lives alone?”

          “Well, he was living with his wife, now ex-wife. They have a son together, even though she’s a lesbian.”

          “Oh wow, that’s rough.”

          “I guess. And then he and Rachel just had a big falling out, and now he really wants to get back out there.”

          “I see.” My breath is a small cloud as I speak. “I know my brother has a girlfriend, and Rachel wants a fling. What about Monica, and you?”

          “Well, I’m single. I date now and again. But, I just haven’t found the right guy yet.”

          “Ah, that’s been my problem.”

          “As for Monica, she was dating a man, Richard, for some time. They broke up, however, because she wants kids and he didn’t want anymore.”

          “Oh, so he’s already been married?”

          “Um, yeah. He’s quite a bit older. Chandler can explain it.”

          “All right by me.”

          We go quiet and just continue to enjoy our walk down the New York City sidewalk. The snow isn’t falling today, but mounds are still off to the sides. I’m surprised no kids are out having snowball fights and what not.

          After ten minutes of walking, we make it to the apartment building. The coffee shop, Central Perk, is right next to it.

          Once inside, we head up a few flights of stairs to reach Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

          Without hesitation, Phoebe opens the apartment door and we walk in.

          “Hey Phoebe,” Monica is reading the paper at her round kitchen table. “Ashley, good to see you again.”

          “Hi Monica,” I smile and slip off my coat, hanging it up by the door. “This apartment is very neat and cute.”

          There’s a small kitchen with the table to eat; a living room farther in; two bedrooms on either side of the far wall. Then if you turn left when walking in, there’s a bathroom, a closed door, and a balcony with just a window out to it.

          “Ah, hey guys,” Rachel exits her bedroom and plops down on the couch. “Pheebs and Ash, you two look so cute.”

          “Thanks,” Phoebe and I say as one.

          “Hey girls,” Joey’s voice comes from behind.

          “Hi Joey,” Monica says.

          In the next few minutes, everyone is moving around to find a place to sit. I sit next to Joey on the couch, with Rachel on the opposite end. Monica takes a seat on the coffee table near Rachel, and Phoebe sits on the recliner near them.

          “I’ve been meaning to ask you something since yesterday,” Joey is the one to speak up.

          “Oh, and what’s that?” I smirk.

          “How did you not recognize me? You said you watched and loved me on Days of our Lives, but you still needed me to tell you who I was.”

          “Ah,” I feel my face heat up. “Yeah, I had that coming. Um, to be honest, I’m such a dork sometimes. Couple it with not seeing the show since they killed you off, and all the focus to get a job.”

          “It’s fine,” Joey smiles. “I was just wondering. Well, anything you want to ask me?”

          “Oh, um, I guess I do.”

          “Ask away.”

          “What’s your full name?”

          “Oh, my full name is Joseph Francis Tribbiani,” he gives a no teeth smile.

          “That’s such a nice name,” I smile. “Fits you perfectly.”

          “Well, it is my name.”

          I giggle, “That’s true.”

          “So, what about you?”

          “What about me?”

          “What’s your full name?”

          “Oh, of course.” The smile on my face falters for a split second. “Ashley May Bing is my full name.”

          “That’s so cute,” Joey gives me a sexy half smile.

          “Hey, you guys. I’ve been working on a holiday song for everyone. Can I sing it for you?” Phoebe asks.

          “Yes!” Monica, Rachel, Joey, and I shout out.

          I turn in my seat to face Phoebe.

          “Happy Hanukkah, Monica,” Phoebe begins singing, and I have to say her voice is quite nice to listen to. “May your Christmas be snowy, Joey. Happy New Year, Chandler and Ross. Spin the draddle, Rachel. Go have a bash, Ash.”

          “That was very creative, Phoebe,” I smile.

          “Oh yay!” Phoebe claps a few times.

          “But, um, you know Rachel doesn’t rhyme with draddle.”

          “It’s just too hard! Nothing rhymes with your stupid name,” she points at Rachel.

          “What are you talking about?” Joey places his arm behind me on the couch. “Lots of words rhyme with Rachel. Bagel. Mail. Bail. Maypole.”

          “Joey,” I turn to look at the man. “Just stop talking.”

          “Don’t you have a nickname that is easy to rhyme?” Phoebe speaks up again.

          “My dad used to call me Pumpkin,” Rachel answers.

          I look back at the girls, “That is so cute.”

          “Okay, but he didn’t ever call you Budolph or something.”

          Before anyone can speak up again, the door to the apartment flies open. I’m the only one to look back to see that my brother has entered.

          “Hello children!” Chandler places his briefcase on the table in the kitchen and slips his coat off.

          “Hey,” the other three respond.

          “Hi,” I mumble.

          At this point, everyone has turned around to look at Chandler.

          My brother has a smile on his face, and points at Rachel, “Have I got like sixty guys for you!”

          “Seriously?” Rachel seems excited.

          “Hell yes. I just had to show them a picture of you and men were throwing themselves at me. They are buying me drinks. Giving me stuff!” Chandler points at Joey and me. “Knicks tonight?”

          “Um, duh,” I answer.

          “Your sister is Knicks fan?” Joey pats my shoulder.

          “Of course. I taught her well,” Chandler grins.

          “Where are the seats?”

          “Wherever! I have so many.”

          “Wait, will I like any of the guys?” Rachel butts in.

          “Actually, you know what, I, um, I’m gonna, play the field for just a little longer.”

          “Chandler!” Rachel exclaims.

          “Some guys are signing over their 401K’s!”

          “You work with robots!” Phoebe shockingly bursts out.

          I glance over at Phoebe and see she’s totally serious.

          Chandler must be confused with the comment as he just takes a slow breath. “Yes.” Then he points at Rachel for a second. “There’s this guy names Patrick I think you’ll like. He’s nice, funny, a swimmer.”

          “I like a nice swimmer body.”

          “And his father invented the magnetic strip on the credit cards.”

          “I really like credit cards,” Rachel happily sighs.

          “See, I’m good at this whole fixing up deal.”

          “What does he do?”

          “Oh, um, he works in the Fine Foods division.”

          “Whoa, your company has a Fine Foods division,” I let slip past me lips.

          “Yes, it’s a big company. I don’t-”

          “Now hold on a second,” Joey bursts in to the conversation. “You make food and robots.”

          “No, Joey,” I close my eyes and let out a breath.

          “The robots only work for them,” Phoebe adds before I have a chance to say anything.

          “Well, I’m gonna head to work,” Monica stands up. “Anyone have a problem with that?”

          “Yeah, I do. I got a problem with that!” Joey makes a move to stand up.

          “You want a problem? I will so give you a problem.”

          “What you gonna do? Fire me?”

          “You bet your ass. I’m gonna fire you!” Monica smirks. “Thanks.”

          I look around at everyone. Confusion written on my face.

          “Monica needs to show her co-workers that she’s in charge,” Chandler picks up my confusion and begins to explain. “She hired Joey to fire him.”

          “Oh, that makes way more sense,” I turn to look at Joey. “Have fun getting fired.”


A longer chapter to make up for the short one before this. Hope you liked it! :D

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