Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


10. Christmas with the Friends

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          “Okay, all the food is either in the oven or done, so we can open presents now,” Monica plops down on the couch, placing her feet on the coffee table.

          “Ash has to go first,” Phoebe takes a sip of her water, adjusting her position on the floor.

          “I agree,” Rachel reaches for her wine on the coffee table from her spot next to Phoebe.

          “Oh no, I don’t need to go first,” I lean into the armrest of the couch. “Please, I don’t need any special treatment.”

          “Did you just say no to opening gifts?” Chandler sighs. He’s over to my left in the recliner.

          “Who wants to give her, her first present?” Joey, sitting right next to me, pats my knee.

          “I will,” Ross leans forward in the chair on the right.

          Joey grabs the bad and hands it to me. “This is going to be so lame,” he is barely audible.

          I giggle, tossing the tissue paper onto the floor. “Oh, thank you, Ross,” I try to sound as excited as possible. Inside the bag are pencils and notebooks with dinosaurs all over them. “I always need these, as I write.”

          “You’re welcome,” Ross smiles, leaning back in his chair, satisfied with his gift.

          “Okay, who is next?” I place the bag near my feet.

          “Monica and I will go next,” Rachel hands me a small box. “This will be way better than Ross’s gift.”

          “Hey!” Ross bursts out.

          “Calm down,” I rip the wrapping paper off the box, and then slide the lid off. “Oh, this is so cute,” I pull the sweater with puppies in the center. “I love it. Thank you two so much.”

          “Me next!” Phoebe pops up, leaning over the coffee table to hand me a very small box.

          “This box is so cute,” I carefully tear the wrapping paper off, revealing a ring box. Inside is a ring with multiple different colored gems all around. “Oh, thank you so much Phoebe. This is so pretty.”

          “You’re welcome,” Phoebe is back on the ground. “I wear a lot of rings, so I own a lot as well. But I can’t wear them all, and that one seems to fit you.”

          “Well, I love it. Now I’ll have to figure out which finger it looks best on,” I close the box. “Who is up next?”

          “Me,” Joey picks up a book like object off the table. It’s wrapped in newspaper and has a small bow.

          “This is interesting,” I look the newspaper articles over. Then I slowly rip the paper off to reveal The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Golden Compass. “These are awesome. I love them.” I turn and wrap my arms around Joey’s torso.

          “I wrote little notes on the inside cover.”

          “How did you get the wallflower one? It doesn’t come out for a whole month.” I release the man and lean away.

          “I know people,” he smiles.

          “Well, I can’t wait to read them,” I place them by my side. “I think we are down to one person, and his name is Chandler,” I look over at my brother.

          “Be careful,” Chandler lifts a big box up onto the coffee table. “It’s different, but I think you’ll like it.”

          I tear the wrapping paper off in big chunks. In seconds, I have the box open, and am looking down at a typewriter. “Oh, Chandler,” I slowly lift it out of the box. “This is perfect. It’s such a bright red, and looks so new.”

          “Perfect condition. Well, close enough to it. Nothing but the best for my sister.”

          “Does it work?” Monica speaks up.

          “Of course,” Chandler scoffs. “I even have paper for her to use in the box. She’s a writer, and she has always wanted to have a typewriter.”

          “I love it,” I smile. “I can’t wait to fire it up.”

          “How does it work?” Joey asks.

          I lower the typewriter back into the box. “I’ll show you later. Now, it is time for everyone else to open up their presents. So, who is up?”


This isn't much longer than the last two, but the next one shall be longer. That one is New Year's. Hope you liked it! :D

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