Brother's Best Friends

Ashley Bing is the younger sister of the awkward Chandler Bing. After being apart for a few years, the Bing siblings are back together. Ashley is happy to become a part of the friend family that Chandler has built. She's also excited to work her way up the employee ladder at her job at one of the biggest newspapers in New York City. Plus, who doesn't want to find a little romance in a new chapter of life.


21. Ashley and Joey

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          Joey and I stumble into my room, still tipsy from our time at the bar.

          “Oh, thank goodness, we are alone,” I kick my heels off.

          “I’m so lucky to have you in my life,” Joey wraps his arms around me from behind. “No longer homesick.”

          “It’s my pleasure to cheer you up,” I lean back into him. “I don’t like when you don’t smile.”

          “Ash, I need to tell you something,” Joey releases me and turns me to face him. Both of us have suddenly sobered up.

          “Are you breaking up with me?” I honestly question.

          “What? No, of course not, I,” he takes a deep breath and runs a hand through his hair. “I love you, okay? I have never felt what I am feeling for you, and I care for you so much. I never want to lose you. I really would marry you, like I said last week. And I know we haven’t even told Chandler, but I love you, Ashley.”

          I press our lips together, a smile on mine. After a few seconds, I pull away. “You don’t have to explain why you love me. It was sweet though. I love you too. I feel the exact same way.”

          A giant smile spreads across his face and he encases me in a hug. “Oh, I love you. So much. I’m so glad all of this is happening.”

          I giggle, ‘I love you too, Joey. I’m glad you told me.”

          He releases me from the hug and gives me a long, passionate kiss. “Would it be wrong to ask if we could, you know,” he points over to the bed.

          I chuckle, “Smooth. Um, if you have a rubber.”

          Joey begins frantically searching every pocket he has. “Hold on, I will be right back,” he turns and runs out of the room.

          “Wow, he really wants it,” I sigh as I unzip my dress and let if fall off my body.

          Some minutes pass, and I’m still alone in my room, so I hop into bed and turn the TV on. My mind wanders to where Monica could be.

          Then, when all hope is lost, Joey bursts in, a small foil square in his hands.

          “My brother would kill us both if he finds out,” I smile, sliding down.

          “Good thing, for now, he will never know,” Joey smirks, climbing onto the bed and hovering over me. “It shouldn’t matter to him anyways, when he finds out, we will tell him how much we love each other.” He gives me a quick kiss.

          “I’m his little sister, but we can always hope.”

          “Enough about him, though. Tonight it is just you and me.”

          “Will you call me cupcake?” I use my puppy-dog eyes.

          “I will do whatever you want me to,” Joey kisses my nose. “You cute thing.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I love writing cute scenes like this. Makes my heart swell in happiness. Hope you liked it! :D
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