*WIP* part 8

yo! currently last chapter and i'm sorry but i've been in prague and working!! also do not worry people! there will be more for sure but it might take some time since i'll go to a place with NO wifi at all unless you pay too much for that - but i promise there will be more, maybe i'll get another chapter up before going!

and thanks so much for staying through the story this far!!


1. Wip part 8

The day after that i still slept in, i slipped in an out of being awake and being asleep, it was some kind of haze - i felt ill and too warm, my joints were paining me - this day ‘Bucky’ tended to me that way


,,wake up, I made food.’’ i sat up a little, groaning and sweating a little, opening my eyes and looking at him carefully, it felt too bright


,,everything…everythings...’’ i tried to finish but i couldnt, he sat me up and placed a plate in my lap


,,it hurts, pain, that’s the words you’re going for’’


,,it hurts’’ I said, breathing in deeply and looking at him


,,make it stop’’ he shook his head and i looked down at the plate, it was warm and i took the fork carefully picking up some of the egg on the and started eating it - the taste was charred, but certain there has been worse i still ate it up to my best extent. When i finished i set the plate on the floor, rolling over on the couch groaning and holding my body agonized


I could hear him talking in a phone and then he came over to tell that he had just called me in sick at work, i looked at him- glared at him out of the corner of my eye


,,i could have gone- hah- gone to work!’’ i hissed through gritted teeth, he only touched my forehead as much as he could and removed it wiping his fingers on his shirt


,,no, you’re feverish’’ i tried to sit up but he just pushed me down, not exactly hard but it only irretated me, pain only got me again and i hissed and cursed curling up further more


,,its hot’’ i complained


,,take off that coat’’ was his only reply and i chucked it off and kicked it to the floor


,,hey’’ he grunted grabbing the coat and slapping my shoulder weakly, i sighed and closed my eyes


,,its still warm’’ when he laid his metal arm on my bare shoulder though i jolted slightly, the metal was cold and i tried to relax under the touch - he said something but i didnt quite understand it - i felt weary


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