Over And Out

Val has always been in love with one of her best friends, Calum. But things always get in the way, whether that be crushes, or life and death situations.


2. Chapter 2: the start

Val's p.o.v


"Val, can't you just take a break now?" One of my best friends, Ashton asks. I'm at work right now, at Starbucks. 


Ashton is the type of friend that will beg you until you do something for him.


"No! I've already had my break!" I tell him. He's trying to get me out of work so that I'll be his plus one to a party. I don't really want to go though, since my best friend and life long crush, is going with someone else.


"Oh my g- Come on!" He pleads. I just roll my eyes, knowing he's never going to give up.


"Ash, I'll be done in two and a half hours, that's not long." I laugh. He sighs, not satisfied with my reply.


"Please, I'll love you forever." He begs, like a little kid. I know he's not going to stop, so I finally give in.


"Ugh, fine. I can't believe I'm actually doing this, you owe me big time." I frown. He smiles.


I groan and go to find my boss, whilst hearing Ash is cheering behind me and I'm making up an excuse. I use my femininity to my advantage and lie about my period.


"Um, I've just come on my period you see and I feel like my-" He cuts me off.


"Yeah, go home. Have a nice weekend Val." He sighs, boys are so dumb. 




*  *  *


I get into Ashton's car and put my seatbelt on. 


"The party starts in an hour. So I'll drop you off home, you get all dolled up and then we'll go." He tells me. It's in an... Hour?


"You're fucking kidding me right, I could've stayed at work for another hour?" I snap. He laughs. What a dick.


"It's work, nobody likes work Val." He giggles, starting the car and turning the stereo on. 


"Fine, but I'm choosing the music." I hiss. I look through his CDs until I find Unknown pleasures by Joy Division. I put it on as he drives.


When we get to my house, he watches me as I get out of the car.


"What?" I laugh. He frowns, still grinning though.


"Nothing, just thinking about how right now, you could just lock yourself in and leave me to go by myself and have to socialise with all my friends and their bitchy dates." He says seriously. I sigh.


"You can come in if you want, you idiot." I giggle.

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