Unfamous ||Kim Jongin (Kai)

Kim Jongin, known as Kai of EXO is infamous for being snobby and being rude to fans and even to his band members. Well, it all stops when he wakes up in an unknown room with a girl watching him.

-"Kim Jongin, how are you feeling?"
-"Mwo? Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
-"I'm doing this for your sake, and you get to taste what it feels like to be unknown."
-"What? What are you talking about? Tch, whatever, within 24 hours the whole world will be searching for me."
-"Wouldn't count on that,"

Wattpad account: PandesalSehun


9. IX|| Forgive and Don't Forget

Jongin quickly closed Minah's door quietly and hurried back to his room, locking the door.

There's no way Minah will tell him anything.

So he'll go for her diary.


Minah knocked on his door. Disappointingly, he didn't answer after for a few seconds. Right when Minah was about to enter her room, his door opened.

-"What." Jongin said in a monotone voice.

-"Look, what I said- I didn't mean it. I'm really sorry." 

-"I'll only accept your apology. If you can answer my question." 

-"Alright, let's talk in the kitchen." 

Minah feared for the worst.

Him asking about her past, about her reason.

They sat down across each other, silence everywhere. 

-"Why did you bring me here?" Jongin spoke.


-"Answer me."

-"I can't tell you." Minah kept a straight face, looking at Jongin in the eyes.

-"Bullsh*t. Tell me now."




-"I've been alone almost my whole life." Minah sighed.

-"Why me? Why did you have to choose me? Out of everyone in the whole world, you just had to choose me.."

-"I just thought that...maybe you didn't want to live the life you had before."

-"*scoff* Is that how you looked at me? Whatever."

-"Look, I really am trying to help you. Please forgive me and stay a bit longer.."

-"Promise me. That you'll send me back next month."

Minah pressed her lips together, thinking about it.

-"I promise."

-"Fine, I forgive you."

Minah's eyes lit up happily. She clapped her hands together and pushed herself off the chair.

-"How about we go to the carnival? Today is the last day!" Minah suggested.

-"Ahh, I don't know." Jongin scratched the back of his head.

-"Please?" Minah said while doing aegyo.

-"Okay, okay, just stop doing that, it's creepy." Jongin said.

He smiled for the first time in a while.


They went around, going on the ferris wheel, playing games that can never be won, ate food.

They acted as if nothing bad ever happened between them.

But they can't forget.

They pushed away the anger and took advantage of the good things that happened.

They laughed and joked around like good friends.

They were slowly letting go of the anger and hatred towards each other. 

But they will never forget.

-"Hey, let's go to the photo booth!" Minah suggested.

-"Ehh? Are you sure you're not a fan and just wanted to take a pic with me? Maybe you'll try to get my signature next." Jongin teased.

-"Still cocky, huh? Whatever." 

Both squeezed in the tiny booth. Minah paid the fee, since she's the only one who had money.

-"Which one do you want to do? Love or western?" Jongin asked.

-"Why love? I want to do underwater theme."

-"Okay." Jongin said without argument.

He pressed the button for the underwater theme and the countdown began.

-"Let's do funny faces!" Minah said.

Before the camera went off, Jongin pulled his eyes to the middle and stuck his tongue out. Minah pulled her mouth with her two fingers and made one of her eyes look to the right and the other one straight into the camera.

The next pose they did, well it wasn't sure what they were trying to do.

-"Hey Minah, are you ticklish?" Jongin asked with a smirk.

-"You better not!"

Jongin started tickling her sides, smiling widely as she laughed loudly.

The flash went off capturing the moment.

-"Alright what pose do you want to do now?" Minah asked.

-"Minah..." Jongin looked at her in the eye with a serious almost seductive expression.

Minah was caught off gaurd and gave a surprised look to Jongin. 

The flash went off, capturing the moment.

Jongin laughed and pointed out how Minah looked. Minah faced the other direction, pouting with her arms folded across her chest. Jongin was still laughing.

The camera captured the moment.

-"Thank you for using the photo booth, please collect your photo strips outside in the box." A robotic voice spoke.

Jongin got out of the booth followed by Minah. He collected the freshly printed out photo strips and chuckled at the photos.

-"That was fun." Jongin said.

-"Yeah, except you tickled me and messed with my feelings." Minah grumbled.

-"Awww, it's okay." Jongin messed up Minah's hair.

-"C'mon let's go on more rides!" Jongin said.


The next day, Minah went to the grocery store.

Leaving Jongin alone.

To find out about Minah's motives.

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