Somebody Else / / Matty Healy

~Matty Healy~

When Matty and Olivia broke up, things weren't good. They hated each other. They tried to stay as far away from each other as they could.

Which worked since Olivia lived in California and Matty in England.

But George Daniel was always fond of Olivia. So a year after Matty's and Olivia's break up, he takes his chance and asks her out.

Matty doesn't want her but he hates to picture her with somebody else. Especially one of his bands mates, let alone best friend.


1. / / Chapter 1 / /

/ / Chapter 1 / /


"Matty can you be nice for one week around Olivia?" George asked his best friend as they were driving from the airport to George's girlfriends house.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Matty asked, keeping his attention on the window.

"Because I know how things ended with you two. You're just lucky she's letting you in her house." George explained.

"I can be nice." Matty moved his hair out of his face.

The band sat in silence until they finally arrived at their destination. The young girl was stood outside her house, smiling brightly as she saw the car pull up. As soon as she saw George, she ran towards him, jumping into his arms. They shared a very passionate kiss, making Matty's stomach turn.

"Get a room." Ross laughed as him and Adam walked past the couple.

Olivia jumped down from George's hold and hugged the two boys before they made it into the house. Then she turned to see Matty. She felt nothing. No anger. No happiness. Nothing. "Matty." Olivia nodded slightly.

"Liv." Matty responded.

George could feel the awkward tension. "Let's go inside shall we?" George placed a hand on Olivia's lower back, moving her into the large house.

Inside, Matty looked around. It wasn't the size of a mansion that her neighbors had. It was simple really. There was one staircase leading upstairs and several different hallways both upstairs and downstairs. Just like he remembered.

"I'll show you all to your rooms." Olivia moved up the stairs, George, Ross, Adam and eventually Matty following. "Adam this is your room." She opened the door for him and continued down the hall. "This ones for Ross." She did the same for him. "And lastly, Matty."

"What about George?" Matty asked as she opened the door.

"I'll be in this room." George pointed to the door on the left side of Matty's. He knew that room all too well. It was Olivia's.

Matty only nodded. "Thanks." He said lowly, walking into the room. Their luggage had been brought a few hours before and placed into their designated rooms.

Matty sat on the bed in the large room. In all honesty, Matty still held some feelings for Olivia. Because no one ever forgets their first love. At least not Matty. When he had found out about George and Olivia he had so many feelings pulsing through him. And he let them out through a song. A song that he would finish this week and perform at their concert downtown. And he was going to make sure that Olivia heard it.

Time flew by and Matty laid in bed. Right as his eyes started to close, he heard familiar moans coming from next door. Groaning, Matty flipped over onto his stomach and covered his head with a pillow. The moans were still there, but they were faint.

Soon enough, Matty gave up on trying for sleep, even after the couple had finished, and he pulled out a small book that held lyrics from most of his songs. Almost all of them were about Olivia. He had kept it hidden from the boys. But soon enough they would see what the small bindings contained.

As Matty finished the song he smiled to himself. He knew this would be a hit. He still wasn't tired as the clock read 3:00am. So Matty did what he always did when he couldn't sleep, write music. He started a whole other song. Since he had finished the other earlier than expected, he would take this week to finish this new one. And hopefully he could perform it as well.


Matty finally went to sleep at 5:00am, his book resting on his lap. Around 11am, Olivia knocked on Matty's door. With no answer, she walked in.

She stopped when she saw him. His mouth was slightly parted. He was shirtless and hair hung in his face. He was just as perfect as Olivia remembered, even though she would never admit it, even to herself.

"Matty." She called from across the room. He didn't move. "Matt." Still nothing. "Matthew." He slowly woke up, turning to face her.

"It's Matty, if we're going to do this properly." He smiled lightly. His deep British voice came out husky. She had missed that voice so much. Yet she wasn't going to admit that either.

"Come down and get something to eat." She walked out, closing the door behind her.

Matty lazily got out of bed, throwing on a fresh pair of jeans and effortlessly buttoning half the buttons on a clean shirt. He pulled his hair out of his face, then walked downstairs.

Adam and Ross sat at the table, looking through a book that Olivia had lying around. To Matty's surprise, it was a children's picture book. But Matty didn't say anything as he saw them laughing at the characters in the story.

Olivia and George were sat on the couch, talking and cuddling. Matty rolled his eyes. A plate of cold bacon, eggs and pancakes sat on the table across for Adam and Ross. Sitting down, Matty stared at them. Adam and Ross looked up for a second to smile before returning back to their book.

Matty ate his cold food in silence. Olivia's laughs rang through his ears. He didn't know why it bothered him so much. It just did.

"How would you boys like to go on a tour around California today?" Olivia asked as she walked into the dining room.

"Sounds good." Adam smiled and Ross nodded.

"Matty?" Matty looked up at George. "What about you?"

Matty took the last bite of his food. "That sounds great." He smiled at his friend, ignoring Olivia.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Olivia faked a smile. She hated the idea of Matty coming along. But she soon realized that he had to since he was here for a week with his band. "Let's get going."

The boys were quick to follow her to the door. "Are we walking?" George asked as they got outside.

"What do you boys want to do?" Olivia looked around her tall boyfriend at the shorter band members.

"Walk." Matty spoke up, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it. He knew that Olivia didn't like people smoking in her car.

"Car." Adam, George and Ross all said at once.

Olivia looked back at Matty, upset that he had just barely lit a cig. "Car it is then." Olivia spoke and turned to walk to her car. George got in the passenger seat while the boys moved in the back, Matty in the middle. Thankfully he had put the cig out before getting in. He knew it was a waste but he didn't hate her that much to smoke in her car.

Olivia took a deep breath, putting on another fake smile, which everyone saw through. "Where to first?"

"Food." Ross spoke up in the back, looking at Adam like he was the one who had said it.

"You just ate." Matty looked at Ross.

"So?" Ross shrugged.

"It's fine." Olivia started the car. "I know the best place to go."

George turned on the radio and flicked through every station, finally settling on one. The song Saint Cecilia by Foo Fighters came on. Olivia started taping her fingers on the steering wheel to the music. This happened to be one of her favorite songs at the moment.

They all sat in silence, listening to the music until Olivia parked the car at a small cafe hidden behind large buildings.

"Caffe Luxxe?" Adam questioned as he stepped out of the car and looked at the small building.

"Maybe not the most popular cafe, but this one is my favorite." Olivia took George's hand and the 5 walked into the cafe.

"Olivia!" The cafe owner ran towards the girl, pulling her into a hug. "You've brought friends!" She pulled away and hugged the other boys.

"Maxine, this is my boyfriend, George." Olivia took his hand again. "And his band mates."

"Nice to meet you, Maxine." George smiled and shook the hand of the much smaller woman.

"Oh please, call me Max." She shook his hand quickly.

"What'll it be today, Liv?" She turned to the girl.

"The usual. Get the boys the same. I know they'll love it." Max showed them to a table in the corner, next to a large window.

George and Olivia sat on one side while Matty and Adam sat on the other and Ross sat in the chair at the end of the table. Soon enough, Max came back with 'the usual'. The coffee looked like it was a normal espresso to the boys.

"It's better than you think." Olivia held the cup up to her mouth, slowly drinking the warm liquid.

Ross quickly picked up the cup. "Oh my god." He stared at the cup. "I'm in love."

Olivia smiled brightly. "I know it's not food like you asked for but I felt I needed to bring you guys here."

"Leave me here." Ross downed the rest of the coffee.

"It's just coffee, Ross." Matty laughed at his friend.

"You haven't even touched yours yet!" Ross motioned to the untouched cup.

"I'm not a coffee person." He shrugged.

"Just try it." Adam elbowed Matty. "Liv was nice enough to take us here."

Matty reluctantly held the cup up to his mouth, taking in the sweet taste of caramel and chocolate. He placed the cup back on the table and shrugged. "It's not the best I've tasted." That was a lie.

Ross gasped, like Matty had just insulted his family and took Matty's cup. "I'll finish it then."

Much to Matty's disapproval, Ross drank the rest of the coffee and set the cup back down in front of Matty. Adam stared at the two as he slowly finished his. He caught Matty staring at something and followed his gaze, his eyes landing on George and Olivia who were laughing and occasionally sharing a kiss.

"Mate." Adam nudged Matty slightly. Matty quickly looked to Adam. "You alright?"

Matty faked a smile. "Perfect."

"You sure?" Adam saw through the smile.

"Yeah." Matty nodded. "I just haven't been to California in so long. And the time change is a killer."

Adam nodded, leaving it alone. The boys haven't been here since Olivia moved here two years ago. They had helped her because she was Matty's girlfriend after all. At the time anyway. They stayed for about a week, then Matty and Olivia broke up, forcing them to go back home.

"Where do you want to go next?" Olivia moved her attention from her boyfriend back to her friends and Matty.

"Beach?" Adam questioned, sinking into his chair like it was a bad idea.

"That's a wonderful idea." Olivia smiled. Adam sat up fully in his chair, more confident in his decision.

Olivia payed for their drinks then headed out of the cafe. They all got back into their original seats in the car and Olivia drove down to the beach. They weren't going to stay long, just long enough for Adam to have his fun in the sand.

Adam and Ross ran towards the waves in their all black clothing. They all agreed not to change into any swimwear because they wouldn't be there long.

Matty pulled out another cigarette, walking along the beach, watching the waves crash onto the sand. He looked up ahead at Olivia and George holding hands as they walked along the beach as well.

Matty turned at the sound of Adam screaming. Ross had thrown him into the water, laughing hysterically. When Adam came back up, Matty couldn't help but laugh. Adam's hair clung to his face, along with his clothes. It was a funny sight.

"Why the fuck would you do that?" Adam pushed Ross.

"Because it was funny." Ross laughed.

"Hey boys." They turned to Matty. "Go give Liv a hug." He nodded his head towards the couple.

Ross was only slightly wet, but followed along side Adam as they ran towards Olivia and George. Ross hugged George while Adam picked up Olivia in his arms. She screamed as she was lifted into the air. "You're so cold!" She screamed as she was set back down. Adam refused to release her. "Let go!" Olivia laughed.

Adam finally let go and half of Olivia's body was now soaked. Matty had finally made his way over to them, laughing at the state Olivia was in.

"Let's go home." George laughed and put an arm around Olivia's shoulders.

"What about the rest of the tour?" Adam asked.

"Maybe later. You all need to dry off first." Matty laughed.

Just as he said that, Adam pulled him into a hug. "You too, mate." Matty glared at Adam.


Adam ran down the beach, Matty following. Ross laughed, followed by George. Olivia finally laughed when Adam pushed Matty backwards into the water.

"Maybe we can stay a little longer." Olivia smiled up at George.

"Defiantly." George kissed her quickly.


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