Sounds In the Night Sky


* BOOM, POW, Sirens go off along with the power. The ground shakes and makes you fall over.Screams fill the arena now for all the wrong reasons.*
Charlotte is lucky to have survived but what limits will she have to break to finally be safe? What tragedy will she experience with a bit of romance along the way l? Is it all worth it? THIS HAPPENS IN THE CHAPTERS AFTER THE SECOND SO PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR! :)

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2. Going Home

Once I arrived home I turned the power generator on. The neighborhood once filled with kids playing and adults walking was now just a street that looked abandoned. I went inside and turned the tv on. Every channel was filled with breaking news. I turned on the first one I could.

"Here live with us is Chloe Brookwood. She was a victim in today's bombing in London."

"It was awful. Everyone saw planes overhead and then BOOM! The buildings were destroyed, and I'm thankful that I was miles away watching instead of right there."

"What a tragic story. With more breaking news, a city in Australia was bombed and more casualties were caused. According to other stations across the world we are now in a World War III and al-"

You turned the tv off. You decide to go to bed early, not knowing really what to do.

You wake up to your phone ringing. It was Cecile, so you were hoping nothing was wrong, because it was three in the morning.


"Hey Char! Did you not hear the stupid doorbell? Come downstairs!"

"Ok be right there."

You went and opened the door. She didn't seen tired or nervous. Weird.

"What is so important that you had to come at 3am?"

"Well, my house is gone. It was destroyed by the bombing so I came to stay here. You said I could."

"I know but why now? What have you been doing all night?"

"Well let's just say you should've come with me when I went to see One Direction."

"What happened?"

"Well I met them, and "

" I know that obviously!"

"Let me finish! I met them and went to eat dinner with them at a underground cafe since they were kinda into my attitude towards them, follow what all of those fanfics say on acting calm in front of them, or at least as best as you can. Anyways, me and Louis hit it off but he isn't what I expected. He's better!"

"Ok lovebird. Let's get you set up in the guest room because I'm tired."

"I don't want to go to sleep, I just met One Direction!"

"Set up the bed yourself then. Goodnight."

You left her standing there hoping she wouldn't start blaring music, you actually wanted to sleep, having no trouble going. You had nightmares of actually being where the bomb struck, still living, but hurt. You heard the same screams as the night at the concert, but they changed and spread out more, not like a concert.

You woke up at five so you just decided to get up. Making breakfast for other people was one of your favorite things. You cooked omelettes and fixed glasses of milk. You went ahead and ate yours and put Cecile's in the microwave. You went to go on a walk around the neighborhood. As you were reaching a hill overlooking town you heard it again. A loud sound caused the ground to violently shake. You fell, rolling down the hill. Barely conscious you texted Cecile a message.

"Fell down hill. Help"

The next thing you know you woke up, not on the bottom of the hill but in your bed. You went and checked your phone, it was 2:00 am. You went and got a sandwich because all you had that day was that omelette. As you walked down the stairs you saw Cecile had fallen asleep on the couch. You started to take her to the guest room, being able to actually lift her. When you started climbing the stairs, you heard laughs coming from the bedroom. You ran and sat Cecile back on the couch.You put your hair up in a messy bun to keep it from being in your eyes and then put on a sweater and sweatpants. You grabbed your baseball bat not really knowing what to do. You crept to the door. Opening it you screamed...

"What are you doing in my house!"






"Ok not to be rude but shut up. Your going to wake Cecile and the neighbors. It's great to meet you all, but out of all places, why here?"

"Well you see we were supposed to go on tour somewhere before the war started, but it isn't safe to fly or anything right now."

"Zayn she doesn't even know us and you just told her our information!"

"Liam, she probably has heard of us from the radio!"

"Oh ok. Never mind then."

"Ok so what's your name love?"

"Um it's Charlotte."

"I'm Harry."


"I'm Niall!"

"I'm Louis."

"Zayn. Cecile said her house was open to everyone who needed a place to stay until the war died down."

"Well you all can stay but this is my house not her's. Her house was destroyed in the bombing."

"Oh ok."

"Hey love," Louis stated " what happened to your leg?"

"I was on a walk to clear my head of the war and a bomb dropped while I was at a hill, so I fell down and passed out."

"In glad your ok!"

"Haha me to Niall!"

We all sat and talked until I fell asleep on the floor by Louis. Zayn and Liam were sleeping on the bed. One like you normally would sleep and the other at the foot of the bed.

***Cecile's P.O.V.***

I woke up later at eight and walked upstairs to check on the boys and Char. I went to the boys first because I want to see what they're doing at this hour. I walked in and saw Char laying next to my crush! We're they a couple? After all I had done for her she went and took my Louis! I quietly shut the door and ran out to the backyard crying. How could she?

*** Harry's P.O.V***

I woke up on the floor towards the door and got confused. Where where we? Oh! Cecile's- I mean- Char's house! I saw Charlotte asleep still so I crawled over there, looking at her face. Even asleep she was calm, no snoring but apparently is able to sleep through it. Her face was just so beautiful, but I just met her so what am I saying. I don't even know her personality. Cecile was nice but she isn't my type. She's an ok friend burnt don't see us as more. I continue to look at Char. She looks like Niall in the face, what a strange thing.

***Charlotte's P.O.V.***

I woke up peeking through my eyes. Harry was staring at me. What's wrong with him, how long has he been doing this? Does me? *yawns and stirs*

Harry runs out the door and accidentally trips. You try so hard to not laugh because you were supposedly asleep. Zayn falls off the bed onto Niall. Liam bursts out laughing, you do to.

"Did I do something in my sleep or am I that good at making people Laugh?" Louis said.

I lightly slap him and playfully say " Shut up Lou!"

"Zayn, have you been working out lately?"

"Yes I have."

"Stop then. You almost crushed me."

"Niall, you and Charlotte seem like you are twins, the way you act and look."

"I don't see it, sorry Liam."

"So should we go make sure Harry's ok?"

"It's only nine. I'm going back to bed."

"Me too."

"I'm going to check Twitter first."

"I'll be down in a bit to get breakfast."

"Ok Niall. What do you want?"

"Umm, waffles?"


You go downstairs and find Cecile gone. You went to check on Harry.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, just a sore arm."

"Let me see."

You feel where his arm hurts checking for bruises and broken bones, he fell on tile.

"You're good."

"Thanks. You've got a pretty smile."

You blush so hard and slap your cheeks to cover it.


"Your welcome. Want to get breakfast? I'm hungry."

"Sure. Niall's coming down in a bit to fix some waffles if you want to wait."


You both watch tv until Niall comes downstairs.

"Who's ready for Chef Niall to make waffles!"

"Me! Chef Niall make mine really fluffy!"

"Yes mam!" He says as he does a soldier salute.

*SLAM.* you heard Cecile come in.

"Hey Cecile. Thanks for saving me yesterday. I met the boys so you so you don't have to introduce me."


"Are you mad at me?"

"Who would be 'mad' at you?"

She walks off and locks herself in your bathroom.

"What happened between you two?"

"I don't know Harry, I need to go find out."


You walk to the door and knock.

"Go away!"

"You sound like a toddler!"

"What do you want!"

"Why are you mad at me?"

"Because I saw you this morning sleeping by Louis, and his arm was around you!"

"It was?"

"Don't play stupid! You know he's been my crush ever since they became a band!"

"I didn't even know he had an arm around me! Does it ever occur to you that I actually was asleep?"

"Well you shouldn't sleep next to him then!"

"Well I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep there!"

You explain the story of how you met them and what you did after that.

"So that's all that happened?"


"Ok. I forgive you."

She comes out of the bathroom with mascara trails. You instantly run for a hug.

"Don't ever get mad at me again. Now let's go clean you up."

I did her makeup and gave her an outfit to change in to. You noticed yourself in the mirror and almost died. You went and brushed your bird nest hair and put makeup on. You went and changed into yoga pants and a sweatshirt with a ponytail.You came out and everyone was going outside except you and Niall. You two were finishing breakfast.

"Why does everyone think we look alike? I don't see it besides the hair but mine's dyed."

"Our faces are similar, eye color, personalities, the way we think, and maybe more we just haven't found out yet. But we could just be destined to be friends."

"I think that's what it is. My parents never said I had a twin."

"Mine either."

We discussed how and where we grew up, he thought that I lived in Ireland before I could remember anything was strange with this twin like incident. We also started talking about what we were going to do later that day.You both hear rapid gunfire near the house so you run to check on everyone. You open the door.

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