Rylan is 18 and has cancer. Before getting diagnosed her mom surprised her with One Direction tickets and nothing is going to stop her from going to that concert. But what will happen when she goes to the concert only hours after getting a round of chemotherapy?


1. Intro-Rylan

My name is Rylan and I have cancer. Leukemia. I'm 18 and have thick wavy brown beautiful hair that I am going to lose soon. I'm 5'10 and have brown eyes. I live with my parents and have an older brother. I've been a One Direction fan from the very beginning. My mom and I go to a concert of their's every summer. This will be the third one. Before I was diagnosed I was "normal", really just a goof ball who loved to sing, dance and perform. The stage was my second home. I graduated high school in the top 15% of my class and was in choir, show choir and all the musicals along with soccer. Life was great until my cancer came around. 

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