Dear Diary

This story is a child that has been through so much and she would do a thing that would scar her family forever. She was bullied since she was in elementary about in 5th grade, she told the teacher about her bullying but its seem that the teachers only did was giving them detention or ISS but they wouldn't have imagined that she would do something that will end up with scarring people who actually have cared for her.


1. The beginning

Little girls wants dolls and dress up things but I was almost like those girl except I never had a friend from school but I did have a best friend who was like a sister to me even though we were cousin until that day. The first day of school, I was happy to make friends and I thought it would be easy but I guess wrong. My name is Cecilia V. Bucio Sanchez and this is my story, it was difficult for me to make friends because I would move to different location like houses to apartments then back to house but when I was 9 yrs-old, everything had changed my life forever. At age 9, my father was deported to Mexico, it was difficult for me, my mom, and my younger sisters but he explained to my mom that he went to the bank but then two guys had came and robbed him, he self defend him by hitting one of them in the jaw, which he broken his jaw. When he called us, I remembered that I was sleeping since I had a fever, but now and then we would visit, until the day that my mom had filed for a divorce with my dad. She thought I would be ok but she was wrong, it was difficult for me and it was hard for me to handle it, I was still young but I tried my hardest to understand but I couldn't, so then couple months, my mom had all of the custodies of my two sisters and I, she didn't let him see, talk, nor send us letters.  

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