The worst day ever


1. Really do I have too.

September 1 2003

Sometimes I feel like I am the only human in a house full of idiots its like I have taken over seeing as dad is nearly always drunk I don't understand what she likes about him he always hits her and we can never tell what he will do next I am sooo glad I have you diary its like your my number one friend but never tell this to Victoria she will kill me afterwards, huh what am I doing talking to a bunch of  plain papers so where do I begin ok hi my name is Chloe Walters I am nearly thirteen and I love reading books and singing ok I need to stop all this formal talk is making me cringe oh no dads coming he will kill me if he knows what I said about him blah blah blah bye diary.  


November 18 2003   

Hey diary sorry about not writing to you in a while I no what my new years resolution will be  to write in you at least every week anyway I have been so occupied these last weeks seeing as its almost Christmas and I need to start shopping for presents ok I know one month is not near but I always do my shopping the day before and I need to change anyway my mum has finally found her brain and kicked Steve out I am so happy but she has been talking to me about a new guy and the way she describes him haunts me and he is at least 22 I will never get married uggh.


December 1 2003

So now I really have to stick to that new years resolution anyhow I am super exited about this holiday seeing as mum is practically begging for money everyday there is no way I will ever be able to go on holiday but my BFF Victoria and her family want me to come with them on holiday to L.A  seeing as there is a spare ticket so away from horrid English weather and hello to sun kissed tan in gorgeous L.A I wish life was always this happy.









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