Teenage Runaway [A Michael Clifford Fanfic]

Eleanor Brussel was abused.
She was living in a hell she called her home in Pennsylvania.
Life wasn't like the other girls she saw.
She didn't have that 'perfect daisy life' she saw people on Television had.
Eleanor was very despairing.
Until one day she had 4 reasons to be alive.
To get through life.
This was her chance to prove life wrong.
This, was a story, of a teenage runaway.


3. Chapter Three

*A'N:Hello readers! I'm hoping to get a few chapters in, so bare with me! I'm kind of liking this story so far, I don't know if you guys are, but anyways, here is chapter three! Enjoy!*


All of them were staring at me.

It's like the room, practically disappeared, as my eyes focused on the 4 boys.

One of which, had blond hair, and when the others turned away, he continued to stare at me.


That's when they went towards my room.


They reached my door and opened the knob.

Oh my god.

"Hello, were 5 seconds of summer."

5 Seconds Of Summer..

"Oh hello!"

I muttered.

The blond haired boy from earlier that stared at me chuckled.

"What was that, princess, I didn't quite hear you.."

I blushed slightly.

"I-I um.. s-said.. hello.."

Blondie smirked.

"Oi, so you don't know us then?"

I shook my head slowly.

"Well, I'm Michael, and we are 5 seconds of summer. This is Luke.."

He pointed to a boy with a blond quiff and lip piercing.

(I know he doesn't anymore, but I'm gonna say he does okayy)

"And this is Calum.."

Michael said, pointing to a boy with olive skin.

"And that's Ashton.."

He gestured his head towards a tall male with a bandanna around his head.

"Hello, 5 seconds of summer, I'm Eleanor!"

The band smirked and all said,


Calum, the boy with olive skin, suddenly spoke up.

"S-So.. we heard about what happened with your grandfather.."

I dropped my eyes from his to look at my hands.

I could feel the boy's eyes on me.


I said quietly.

The beeping from the monitor was the only sound for the first few minutes.

"What happened exactly?"

Michael asked.

I sighed.

"Okay, how I ended up here?"

They all nodded.


"So everyday my grandpa would come home. It was always a different .. abusive story.. so I would always wait for the worst. One day, I was.. waiting for him. I heard the alarm and knew it was time. But this time, he didn't come straight to me, he was carrying groceries. He called me a "retard" and told me to get off the couch. Of course I did, so I went and decided to pick up some milk. As soon as I was walking back into the house, I walked past my grandpa, and the milk fell.."

Luke made a sharp gasp, as I paused to wet my mouth.

"Um.. sorry.. anyways.. my grandpa got so pissed at me, he threw me on the ground and hit my ribs with a hammer.. and that's how I got here.."

Michael bite his lip.

"I'm sorry."

Ashton said.

I looked at my hands again.

"I was too helpless to do anything."

I said.

Michael shook his head.

"That's why were going to help you."

I looked up and for the first time, I felt something I haven't felt in a long time.


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