Remember me

When Y/N sees 5SOS in a concert she feels things she didn't think possible and all because of him. Michael Clifford. When he shows her attention does it really mean something or is he playing her? Will they be separated by their differences or can true love really overcome all?


14. Second Chances

His POV:

I put that tweet out 2 hours ago and it's already been retweeted thousands of time, I prayed she would be there, her beautiful smile that goes from her mouth to her eyes. Her golden hair that blows gently behind her in a slight breeze. Wow I really liked this girl, i needed her to be there. If she's not there I'll be devastated it would break my heart. Maybe that's how I made her feel. Maybe that's why she deactivated her phone, because i broke her heart again. I became very aware of this heavy feeling of guilt in my gut and I knew that although I couldn't be there I should have been paying attention to my phone and I should have called her. I switched off the light and climbed into bed, tomorrow I'd find out if she was able to forgive me and let me explain what happened.

I kept waking up throughout the night, I know it's because I was nervous to see her, I wish i could just get rid of this feeling so I could sleep. I looked over at the clock 7:25am, I decided I may a well get up and make myself look slightly better than presentable. I looked for my best casual clothes and chucked them on and styled my hair in its normal way. Suddenly I heard a crash in the kitchen. I rushed out of my room to be greeted with Ash looking guilty as my pokemon mug lay in shattered pieces on the floor. I felt relief wash over me as it wasn't a burglar but then i remembered he had just broken my favourite mug. "Sorry about that, it slipped out of my hands." He said apologetically.

"Ash, it's fine mate, why are you up this early?" 

"I always get up this time and make myself a coffee, why are you up? You're usually dead to the world at this time." He asked confusion written across his face.

"Umm, just going to the toilet." I mentally slapped myself because I knew what Ashton would say next.

"Sooo... you're telling me you needed to get dressed and do your hair to go to the toilet?" He laughed. I sighed and just explained about Y/N and how i was now trying to make it up to her. 

"Do you want me to come down to the cafe, for moral support until she arrives?" He asked me and I was so surprised. 

"If you're genuinely serious, I would really appreciate it. I'm so fucking nervous." He smiled and went to get dressed. 

We walked down to the cafe making light conversation and trying to not draw attention to ourselves. We reached the cafe and I saw a figure standing in the cafe talking to the cashier. It looked kind of like her but something seemed different. We walked in and Ash whispered "is that her?" The girl turned and smiled and didn't seem surprised to see me but confused about Ash. 

"Hi I'm Poppy, Y/N's flatmate?" She reached out her hand and i shook it, waiting for her to explain that Y/N wasn't coming, she hated me and never wanted to see me again. 

"Y/N wanted to be here, but she's in England right now seeing family because she can't work right now."

"Why can't she work right now? What's wrong with her?" I was now worried about what had happened.

"You didn't hear?" I shook my head "Y/N was hit by a car the day you stood her up, she was walking back and was upset and didn't look where she was going and wandered into the middle of the road. Her phone got run over my the car and so she lost your number." Everything made sense now and now i felt even more guilty.

"Is there anyway I can conta-" 
"Here." Poppy handed me a piece of paper with a facetime name and i smiled at her. 
"Thank you so much for coming down here and explaining."
"It's fine, but if you break her heart I will kill you." She smiled and laughed. I smiled and I suddenly remembered Ash was here. 

"So Poppy, do you fancy having a drink with me sometime soon? I'd love to get to know you, if I am honest you're very beautiful." Ash asked. Poppy blushed like crazy and Ash smiled like an idiot. "I'm free now, if you want?" Poppy smiled.

"Right well I will see you lovebirds around, have fun guys, stay safe!" I winked and laughed. They laughed and sat down at a nearby table. I quickly walked home to call Y/N. I can't believe I have a second chance.

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