Remember me

When Y/N sees 5SOS in a concert she feels things she didn't think possible and all because of him. Michael Clifford. When he shows her attention does it really mean something or is he playing her? Will they be separated by their differences or can true love really overcome all?


20. Interruption

I sat at the breakfast bar as Mikey flipped the pancakes. I just stared at him and smiled. His blonde hair was all messy and fluffy but he just looked so good.  He turned around to face me with a plate of pancakes in his hand. "Right babe, I have lemon, sugar, maple syrup, nutella, strawberries, marshmallows and of course ice cream. Have whatever you'd like!" He cheered. I've never seen anyone get so enthusiastic about pancake toppings. I grabbed the nutella and covered the pancake then added strawberries and marshmallows before rolling it and putting a scoop of ice cream on top. I let out a little giggle at my creation and I saw Michael laugh lightly at me. He brought his pancakes over to the island and sat down opposite me. "Y/N, I know it's still quite early in our relationship but I was wondering if you'd like to meet the rest of the boys?" He looked worried about what I would say and i gave him a big smile. 
"I'd really like that!" He gave me a big grin and started eating his pancakes. After that we talked for a while and decided I should probably go home and see Poppy, but we made plans to meet with the other boys in a coupe of days. We hugged as I left and he kissed my lips gently before I opened the door and started to walk out. Suddenly I felt a hand grip my wrist pulling me back inside the apartment. I was spun round and his lips connected to mine again. The feeling of his lips on mine continued to give me butterflies and I craved for more. I kissed back passionately and wrapped my arms around his neck, he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. Both of us began smiling into the kiss.
"Mikey, I have to go." I laughed.
"I know, but you are just too irresistible." He smirked looking at me. I giggled and pulled away and dropped to the floor to pick up my bag, showing of the shape of my bum before winking and walking out of the door, blowing him a kiss. He  chuckled and shook his head.

"Poppy! I'm home!" I shouted from the door as i wheeled my suitcase in. Poppy ran round the corner tying her dressing gown looking a bit flushed. 
"Y-Y/N, I'm so glad you're ho-home." She said out of breath. I laughed at her state and raised an eyebrow.
"I'm guessing you've got company." I winked. She blushed a deep red in her cheeks and Ashton walked round the corner in his black jeans buttoning up his shirt. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. 
"Oh hey." He blushed scratching the back of his neck.
"Hi, nice to finally meet you Ashton. I've heard LOTS about you." I said winking at Poppy, she blushed again. He smiled and stood awkwardly. 
"Ash it's fine! Just don't hurt Poppy and we'll be fine." I laughed. 
"I would never hurt her, I promise." He said seriously as he walked towards Poppy wrapping his arm around her waist as she looked up at him adoringly.
"Right well I'm going to unpack, you guys have fun with whatever." I smirked before heading to my room and facetiming Mikey to tell him about Poppy and Ash.

I really enjoyed talking to Mikey, he was a good listener, he made me laugh and he always gave good advice. I think I'm falling for him.

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