Remember me

When Y/N sees 5SOS in a concert she feels things she didn't think possible and all because of him. Michael Clifford. When he shows her attention does it really mean something or is he playing her? Will they be separated by their differences or can true love really overcome all?


17. Airport

Y/N's POV:

The flight seemed to take longer than the first time but maybe that was because I was excited to get to the other end to see him. HIMOMFG I'M DATING HIM! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I'M DATING MICHAEL CLIFFORD OMG. Everything suddenly felt real and I smiled stupidly, knowing that nobody else knew made me feel especially happy. We decided seeing as it was early days in our relationship we didn't want to cause any drama with fans and would just keep quiet, I preferred it like that anyway so we had time to get to know each other properly. 

I grabbed my bag and i was now walking towards the exit where the cars wait, like they did last time. Looking around I couldn't see any with my name on or any that looked like they could possibly be for me. Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and I panicked to see a hooded figure with glasses on, but then I saw the eyebrow piercing and the familiar textured hair beneath the hood. He lead me to a car around the corner, keeping his head down to not draw attention to him or me. When we were away from most people, he turned to look at me and smiled saying "Hey babe, how was the flight?" I smiled and my heart began to beat so quickly now we were together. 
"Long and tiring and I'm very glad to be home finally, how is the songwriting going?" I asked, I knew he'd been stressing out about trying to find inspiration to write about and he had a deadline to meet due to the release of the new album. 

"Not great honestly, but I think I may have found my inspiration." 
"Oh awesome, what is it?" 
"You'll have to guess when I've finished the song!" He grinned at me. That smile was the highlight of my day, it lit up his entire face and the area around him. I am sure everyone around can see the light from his smile. His eyes have so much expression and when he smiles, he smiles with his eyes.  I nodded and we reached the car and he opened my door before helping me in and then he walked round to get in the other side.

We talked a lot on our way to his apartment, still never running out of things to say.  He told me about Ashton and Poppy's relationship from this end and I told him what Poppy had been saying to me when I was in England. They seemed very happy together and had been seeing each other more seriously and have been out in public a few times, being spotted by a few groups of fans. 
"Look over there, that's where I live." I said pointing to the tall block of apartments.
"Really? I live just down the road from you, look down there. You see that big sign, just next to it is where I live." He said pointing excitedly and I smiled and nodded.
When we arrived, we unloaded my suitcases and took them into Michael's apartment. He shared with Luke  (the other guys just came and went as they pleased) but he wasn't home so it was just me and Mike for tonight. 
"Y/N, I have a confession." He looked at me very seriously and I couldn't help but laugh. 
"I can't cook anything, well except for frozen pizza. Hope that's okay for dinner?" He looked almost apologetic and kinda embarrassed. A massive smile spread across my face.
"YESS!!! I love pizza!" he smiled and laughed and began getting the pizzas into the oven. 

I think tonight is going to be amazing, I finally have him after all these months

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