The Mute BadGirl

She's been mute ever since she was five and she never let nobody mess with her. She didn't have to say a word but a look scared the shit out of people. What happens when she meets a mute badboy


3. Families

​"Andrew is that you?" A women called as Drew slammed his front door 🚪 after we walked in. Drew didn't say anything and walked into the kitchen. I went to the living room and sat on the white couch. I cross my legs and waited. "Oh hello" I heard the women says and I looked at her. Green eyes and black hair. I waved as Drew whispered something to her then she sat next to me. "What's your name?" She asked me and i shrugged. Drew whispered something to her making her look at me then at him. "Don't" Alexis warned her son "Do you remember me Alex?" Alexis asked and I tilted my head in confusion them shook my head no. "I was there at Juveniles detention center. I talked to you a few times" Alexis whispered so her son won't here. I asked softy and she nods. "Your moms coming over" Alexis tells me slowly and I nod. "Talk to her" Alexis says and I smile for the first time in years at someone other than my mom. My mom came in minutes later with a tear stained face and I looked out the window with a emotionless face. "She said she wants to stay for a while" Drew tells my mom and I nod. "Take your time. I'm sorry Alex." Mom says walking out the living room with fresh tears in her eyes. I look around to see the rest have left too and I ball my fist up then leave out the front door. I jogged to fifth avenue where illegal street fighting go on at. I walk in and everyone recognized me. "Get up there" Jacob says and I get in the ring. I take off my shirt leaving me in my sports bra and get in my stance. The man looks me up and down so I nod. We circle each other then he throws a right hook which I dodge a sweep his legs from under him. I get on top of him and throw a few punches before I'm thrown off of him. I get up quick and attack the girl which I'm guessing is his girl. I throw a punch at her face then kick her. I elbow him as he grabs me and break his nose. This goes on for a while till I broke oh girl arm and damaged his can goods.

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