The Mute BadGirl

She's been mute ever since she was five and she never let nobody mess with her. She didn't have to say a word but a look scared the shit out of people. What happens when she meets a mute badboy


1. Expelled And Moving

​I walked down the hall to my last class of the day gym. I walked in and everyone turned to look to see who came in. I glared and they turned around while my face went back blank. "Miss Blank how nice to finally show up" MR. Raymond says sarcastically and I put the middle finger up. I sat and put my headphones while he talked to him. I seen everyone panic so I took off my headphones. "Principals office now" Mr. Raymond says and I nod. I walk out with a smirk 😏 then walk to the Principals office. He has my mom on speed dial cause I'm in here so much. I wait for my mom to get here and when she gets here I smile 😊 so big cause I love my mom. She's my only soft spot and probably will be my only. "What you do?" Mom asked and I shrugged. We walked into Fred's office "Hey Fred" Mom says and I smirk 😏. "The gym teacher said someone blew up the locker room toilets and he think it was Miss Black." Fred says and I roll my eyes 👀. "Y'all think everything's her" Mom exclaims and I nod. "We can't have her here no more cause we can't handle her so we got to expel her" Fred says and I look at my mom. "Good we are leaving anyway" She snapped at him then looked at me. "Lets go get your stuff" Mom says and I nod. We walk to my locker and I take my backpack out then shove everything in it. I zipped my backpack up and put it on then I got a call. I pointed to my pocket and my took my phone out my pocket.

​"Hello?" MOM asked as we started walking out of school. I was just quiet next to her as she talked on my phone. I looked back to see students looking out the windows so I flicked them off then went back to my mom.

​"Bye" Mom says hanging up with an angry 😠 expression. I asked my mom what's wrong in sign language and she shook her head but there was something up. I got in my red Ferrari and drove home. I parked in the front of the house and seen a moving truck. "We're moving cause you need a fresh start." Mom says getting out her red Hummer. I walked into the house to see mostly everything packed. "Your stuff already at the new house" mom says and I nod. "I also got you a new phone so can you give me your old." Mom says and I nod. "You got my phone" I tell her and she nods taking it out her pocket. She threw it on the ground and smashed it. I throw my backpack on the ground and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a water and drink it. I took one of my pills and then drunk another water. I went back to the hall by the entrance only to see my mom not there so I sat down on the stairs and waited. While I waited I checked out my old room and guess what? It was completely empty. It was weird but we are moving so no more old house. Well we still own it but moms renting it out. I walk back downstairs to see mom looking around. "I'm here" I say as I get to the bottom step. "Good lets go see our new house. I just sent the movers out" Mom says and I nod. I grab my bag and head to my car. I put my bag in the passenger seat and drive behind my mom.. I followed her to our new home and it was big. It was a nice blue and gold mansion with a gate. A fountain ⛲ with red and white roses around it. It had two big garages and I parked in one. I looked around the house and it was perfect. It had a pool, game room, basketball 🏀 court, ten rooms each with a bathroom, a big kitchen with a dinning room and a big living room. It's any kids dream for real. It had a big backyard that you could do anything with. We have a indoor and outdoor pool with a jacuzzi indoors. My room was huge with a king sized bed, a mirror on my door, a big TV 📺 hung on a wall, speakers and so much more. I took a shower in my also big bathroom then went to sleep 💤.

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