Wonder (Poetry Collection, Part II)

"Do you suppose she is a wildflower?" - 'Alice in Wonderland', Lewis Carroll.

Poetry centering around the madness of love, understanding yourself, and dreaming, part two of a poetry collection.

Inspired slightly by Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'.


2. Elegant Madness

There is a certain elegance to his MADNESS

He is still dressed in a top hat, in a suit and bow tie, even if they are scruffy

There is a touch of calm in his WILDNESS

He still knows what he is doing even if his actions may seem absurd


So, can you trust him?

You want to, but will you?

When his smile is so like a cat's?

And when that smile lingers in your memory, even when you cannot quite recall the look in his eyes?


But then, it is not a matter of trust (Is it?)

There is a deep, a DARK, hole that leads you to him

And you will fall down it

Whether you can trust him or not


Well, why not?

He does, after all, seem to trust you

He invited you to sit down at his table

Did he not?

And he is so terribly earnest

Even if he does speak in riddles sometimes

But you will get used to that

So, I think perhaps you should trust him


Would it not hurt him if you did not?

And would that not be CRUEL?

You do not want to hurt him like that

Not when he is tugging on your heart like a branch caught on the skirt of your blue dress


Besides, is it not fun?

Is it not wonderful to eat the cake? 

To drink the potion and to play the game?


So, yes, I think you will trust him


But (and one last question)

Have you ever seen a cat's smile?

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