The Old Astronomer Modern Rewrite

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  • Published: 14 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 14 Jul 2016
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This is my entry for the Rewrite the Greats poetry competition. The poem I have written is inspired by: 'The Old Astronomer to his Pupil' (By Sarah Williams) This is a rewrite to better suit the present day. Hope you enjoy :)


1. The Old Astronomer (Rewritten from the modern view)

 I’ve worked so hard, long and tireless

 Only doing my work for what is best.

 But in me- they are disappointed 

 Treating me like I am a pest.


 They won’t comprehend

 Because they just don’t understand.

 So as I walk, away from them I will steer

 And silently sing my songs,

 Hoping that they will not hear.


 I navigate through the city,

 Having to take many detours just to find a way out.

 I will pretend to have not noticed their funny glares

 But I will fantasize confronting them,

 And in their faces I would shout

 That their beliefs are based on illusions

 And their ignorance is what the world could do without.


 We are the modern day Astronomers.

 And we will never get our way any time soon.

 Because,"our heads are in the stars,

 We’re like aliens,

 We are complete and total loons".


 The term, being down to earth, is just another lie.

 Its not sensible to limit your mind to such a small place

 When everything else exists in the sky

 In the locus we call outer space


 This topic is too vast to be solved by one mind.

 Not me,

 Not him,

 Probably never in our life time


 We depend on the following generations

 To carry on our findings.

 And maybe one day the whole world will see

 The oldest mysteries

 As they finish their long unwinding.


 But the riddles written in the constellations

 Still leave us wondering why.

 And as our souls are temped by our home in the stars,

 We know that soon will be our time.


 So we look down the line.

 Ready to give our knowledge to the next open minds.

 But not a soul fills the footprints that we had left behind.


 So it is time for us to remind:

 That what may seem crazy,

 What may seem like a waste of time,

 Will one day be the answer

 That will save all mankind...








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