Summer That Lasts a Life Time

Sara is a High School Graduate who has a whole life a head of her. She is a singer but she also loves helping out in her moms hair salon. She would love to open up her own salon some day. But right now she just wants to go see her older brother Cj who is in New Hampshire with their best friends; Casey, Joel, Ryan, and Michael. Cj is having Sara and her best friend Lynn stay with him and the guys for the summer so they can help the girls start the rest of their lives. She has been secretly dating Casey for almost a year. Nobody knows besides Lynn and Michael.

Casey is in a Boy Band; 1DT aka One Direction Tribute Band. His best friends are Sara, Lynn, Cj, Michael, Ryan, and Joel. He has been secretly dating Sara for almost a year and he cant wait to spend the whole summer with her.

While everyone is together they all learn new things about each other.


4. Chapter 3

    Well it’s been a week and everything has happened. Kristi died two days after Casey and I adopted Ellie. Ellie has been great. Casey and I have been so happy to have her and we feel like we are our own little family. Cj has been keeping to himself but I know for a fact that he is hiding something from me. I have been trying to get him to tell me but he won’t. My parents know that Casey and I have adopted Ellie and they are coming down to meet her along with Casey’s parents. Who are flying up to Maine (which is where I’m from) and are coming down with my parents. But anyways.

    I was walking into the house with Lynn and Ellie when Cj came over to me and said “I need to talk to you Sara.” I nodded and Ellie reached out to Cj and said “Uncle Cj.” Cj took her in his arms and said “Hi sweetheart were you good for aunty and mommy?” she nodded and hugged Cj as tight as she could. I smiled and said “Ellie why don’t you go with aunty and get cleaned up while I talk to uncle Cj.” Ellie nodded and reached for Lynn who took her and they walked out of the room. I smiled and said “Okay Cj tell me what’s up.” He took my hand and said “Please don’t get mad at me but I’m dating Ryan.” I smiled and pulled him in for a hug and said “You finally came out with it. I have been waiting for you to tell me for the past week.” Cj smiled and said “You knew?” I nodded and said “I have been catching you guys kissing all week.” Cj smirked and Ryan walked into the room and saw us. I smiled at Ryan and said “Lovebirds.” Ryan looked shocked and I pulled Ryan into our hug. When we pulled away Ryan smiled and said “You told her finally?” Cj and I both nodded.

    Casey walked into the room and said “Since Casey is here now, we have to tell you something also.” Ryan and Cj nodded and I continued “Casey and I have been together for a year as of the 21st of June. That’s why it has been so easy for us to “act” like we are a couple.” Ryan and Cj looked at us shocked and said “OMG yayyy.” Casey and I both laughed. I smiled at Cj and said “Now we just have to tell mom and dad.” Cj nodded and looked kinda scared. I pulled him in for a hug and said “Everything will be okay.” He nodded and I turned to Casey and said “Ellie is upstairs getting cleaned up.” He nodded and leaned down and kissed me and said “I can’t wait for us to have kids of our own.” I blushed and nodded. The next thing we know Casey’s and my parents come barging into the house. I gasped and said “Holy cow thanks for scaring the crap out of me.” They all laughed and my mom said “Let me see my new grandbaby.” I smiled and said “She is upstairs with Lynn getting cleaned up.” They smiled and my mom gave me a hug and said “You and Casey are such caring people.” I blushed and said “Well I learned from the best.” My mom smiled and nodded.

    When my mom and I pulled away Casey’s mom gave me a hug. When we pulled away I heard giggling coming downstairs. I smiled and saw Lynn and Ellie. Casey and I walked over to the stairs and Ellie squealed and said “Daddy!!!” I smiled and Casey reached out for her. Ellie squealed again and hugged Casey. I smiled and was pulled into the hug by Ellie. I smiled and then saw a camera flash. I looked up and saw my mom taking pictures. I smiled and pulled away and said “Ellie sweetie want to meet your grandparents?” She nodded furiously. I smiled and said “Okay Ellie, these are my parents also known as Meme and Papa. Meme and Papa this is your granddaughter Ellie.” My mom squealed and took Ellie from Casey’s arms and said “You are such a cutie. I can’t wait to start spoiling you.” My dad smiled and hugged Ellie and said “Welcome to our crazy family Ellie Bellie.” I smiled at the nickname and said “Ellie, these are daddies parents also know as Nana and Grampy.” Ellie smiled and reached out for Casey’s mom and dad. Casey’s mom squealed and said “I can’t wait to spoil you either sweetheart.” Casey’s dad hugged Ellie and said “We love you already Ellie Bellie.” Casey wrapped his arm around me and said “They love her already.” I smiled and kissed his cheek.

    While everyone was side tracked with playing with Ellie I smiled. “Casey and I have been dating for a year as of the 21st of June.” I blurted out. My mom and Casey’s mom squealed and smiled and our father’s congratulated us. I then looked at Cj and mouthed Blurt it out just like I did. He nodded and took a breath and said “Ryan and I have been dating for 8 months.” My mom looked at Cj and said “I’m so happy you finally found the right person for you C.” I smiled and he said “Thank you mom.” Cj looked at my dad and said “Dad? Are you okay?” My dad nodded and smiled. He looked at me and then at Cj and said “I’m so happy for the both of you. My little girl is all grown up. Now I can watch Emma grow.” I walked over to my dad and said “I’m still your little girl. I will always be your little girl.” He nodded and pulled me in for a hug.

    Everything has been happening so quickly that I wouldn’t want to change it for the world. Like I graduated high school, I already have a certificate to be a hairstylist, I’ve been with Casey for a whole year and I couldn’t be happier with him, I have great family and friends, I now have a daughter that I already love more than anything.

    Casey and I were watching our parents interact with Ellie. I couldn’t stop smiling and said “They love her already.” Casey smiled and nodded and kissed my cheek. He had his arms around my waist and my back was against his chest. After a while Casey and I walked into the kitchen and began to cook dinner for everyone. Every now and then Casey would come up behind me and wrap his arms around me and kiss my head. I smiled every time and continued to cook spaghetti and meatballs. Once dinner was done Casey and I walked into the living room and told everyone to come and sit at the table so we can all eat together.

    Everyone sat at the table and Casey and I started handing out the food. When we were done we all sat down and just talked catching up on everything that we have missed during the week we have been apart. When everyone was done Ellie looked at me and I smiled at her she giggled. I got up and walked over to her and picked her up and said “Why don’t you go and get into your pjs and then sit in the living room and we will watch a movie.” Ellie smiled and ran up the stairs. When she came back she had her favorite cinderella pj and slippers and her favorite teddy her daddy aka Casey gave her. I smiled and said “Casey look.” He looked over at Ellie and he smiled the biggest smile possible. We all walked into the living room and I looked at Ellie go pick a movie.” She smiled and got up. Cj got up with her and he lifted her up to see what was on the top shelf of the movie rack. I smiled and looked at Casey and said “Someday he will be a great father.” Casey smiled and nodded.

    I turned around and saw Ryan smiling the biggest smile possible at Cj and Ellie. Cj turned around for a second and smiled at Ryan. I awed and Cj went back to helping Ellie. Casey went and sat on the couch and I sat on his lap. He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. I blushed and heard our parents awe. I giggled and my mom said “Why don’t you and Casey go out for the night. I bet you guys haven’t had any date nights or night aways since you got here or since you got Ellie.” I sighed and said “We would rather spend the evening with you guys.” My mom said “But you guys need a date night.” I smiled and said “Maybe another night. I want to be with my family.” Casey smiled and nodded.

    That’s how the night was. We spent it with family and Casey and my parents got to know Ellie and fell in love with her. Ellie loved her grandparents. I loved the fact that she was happy with her new family. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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