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Record Edit Upload equals unwanted fame

Arabella's YouTube channel goes from 3 subscribers to 1 million overnight then she is suddenly drafted into a game show where twenty rising stars complete for the title of being famous. Will she be able survive with the new changes of her life or will she just try to find the escape button.


5. Chapter 4-

The Limo just dropped us off at the today's shows head quarters in New York City. Literally just a couple hours ago I was the most average girl on the planet. Now i'm going to be on the freaking today show.

"Ara right over here" yelled one of the stage managers practically dragging me over 

"Sit" He said before running off

"5 minutes till we are on the air everybody" Yelled one of the production members

"Hi you're Arabella Chase, Right" Asked a voice right next to me

I turned around and saw Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie sitting in the seats across from me.

"Yes, I am" I responded trying not to fan girl

"It's a pleasure to meet you" said Savannah offering me a smile

"Now we are going to start off with some easy questioning to get the interview going just answer them to the best of your ability" Said Matt

I was about to respond but one of the stage managers started a countdown

"three... two ... one..."

"And were're on"

"Good Morning America, We have had the pleasure to interview Overnight YouTube sensation Arabella Chase" Said Matt Confidently

"Now Arabella do you mind if we ask you a few questions your fans sent in to start the interview" Asked Matt

"Sure I would love to" I answered with a smile trying my best to not look like a total idiot 

"Sent in from Bethy_the _bear, How old are you?"

"I Am 18 turning 19 in October"

"From George164, whats your favorite color?"

"Green, like the forest" 

"Asked by Michal_01, Where do you live?"

"In Ohio" I answered with a small smirk I wasen't going to give them a city or else these people might show up at my apartment.

Easy questions like that went on for the next ten minutes but he next couple were great but also terribly hard.

"Okay next question, sent in from Arabella_ismylife" "Whats your favorite animal?"

This question was one that I was ready for, finally my love of pigs was going to be helpful in my life for once.

"PIGS" I yelled not caring if anyone aughed at this

"I'm taking your love of pigs go further than just a favorite animal"Matt said with a laugh

"Yes, of course. I have pig slippers pillow pet and everything" I said with a proud grin and everyone in the audience laughed at my response.

"Okay the next couple questions will be from our personal audience" Said Savannah

At that moment I realized how big the personal audience was, there had to be at least 200 people mushed in here. Some Held up signs that had my name written all over in big bold print. But at Savannah's sudden comment everyone pulled out there phones quickly typing, in hope to get there question up on the screen.

"The first one is from Rosemary_Chase, Ara what do you want for dinner after this is over" Asked Matt

I laughed only my Mom would ask that on National television.

"Um, anything is fine Mom"  I said laughing a bit 

Everyone in the audience looked around trying to find where my Mom was. I spotted her first she was in the very front row holding up a giant sign that said "Arabella Chase is my Baby" She gave me a small wave before chatting with the lady next to her.

"Okay next question maybe a little bit more relevant to the interview" Matt said trying to hold in a smile

"Ohh here's a good one" Savannah said looking down at the tablet that was receiving all of the questions

"It looks like, this you tube sensation isn't the only Celebrity in the room" Said Matt looking at the question Savannah was talking about

"It looks like, Coal Rockwell is also here in the room with us today"

"Coal wants to know who your celebrity crush is, Arabella"

I come on of course the only celebrity I happen to have a crush on is in the room and asking that. 

"Ummmm..... "I started failing to think of someone else other than coal himself 

I looked around the room trying to see if I could find him. In the very back far back Corner was Coal starring back up at me with a smirk on his lips.

"Tell Coal to ask me himself" I said to Matt finally answering the question 

Everyone in the crowd went ohhhhed at the challenge. I met Coal's eyes he seemed shocked at my response. And then before I was about to turn my head and answer the next question. I saw Coal mouth "Game On."

This can't be good, i'm only slightly famous for a couple hours and there's already been so much drama. I don't even know how coal knew I had a crush on him, I only left a couple hundred comments on his Instagram Twitter Face Book asking him to marry me but other than that there was no way he could of had known.

"Although we all want to continue with that last question we have to wrap up the show, this last question is from our producers who are starting a new reality TV Show" Said Matt drawing the crowd back in.

"They want to know if you Arabella Chase want to be on the "The Social Ladder"?"asked Matt

"Yes, she would love to to said my manager coming onto the stage"

"Wait what" I said





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