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Record Edit Upload equals unwanted fame

Arabella's YouTube channel goes from 3 subscribers to 1 million overnight then she is suddenly drafted into a game show where twenty rising stars complete for the title of being famous. Will she be able survive with the new changes of her life or will she just try to find the escape button.


4. Chapter 3-princess diary scene

Hi everyone it's been a while since I have updated this story....... and all my other stories.......... but today I am planning on writing a chapter for each one!!!!!!


"ding dong" went our door bell

"that must be your new agent" she my Mom answering the door

"Wait mom I'm still not changed"I yelled out frantically looking at my onsie that most people would scowl at

"Oh hi pleasure to meet you Beth...... yes my daughter is interested in your services....... sign right here oh okay......done............yes she is right in here" my mother spoke to who I presumed was my agent

"Arabella it's great to finally meet you" The Lady named Beth said

"Oh ummmm..... thanks I guess" I replied

"Now honey what are you wearing" she asked frowning at my outfit

"my pajamas"

"Fredico get in here get Arabella ready for her interview" she yelled to no one in particular 

All of the sudden a man came running in with 3 girls behind him one carrying a giant makeup box, the second dragging a cart of shoes, and the third pushed a cart with a ton of clothes all covered up with plastic.

"Suga follow me" He said dragging me into my room

"sit" said one of the girls

"okay" I said 

this is totally reminding me of one of the princess diary scenes I thought to myself

I sat down on my desk chair, suddenly they piled up so many beauty products on it, that you want think that it was a makeup counter in a Maceys.

"Now Suga, what is your ideal hairstyle and makeup look" The man who was called Fredico Asked

"Um just loose waves and natural makeup" I answered wearily

"Oh no no no, that isn't going to work" He answered 

"Monica, go fetch my sparkle bag" He yelled

"Sparkles"I grimaced, Those never worked out for me, I always ended up looking like a disco ball.

" Close your eyes "  Fredico commanded

"Okay"  I responded but was cut of with makeup brushes attacking my face

"Viola all done" He shouted 

For such a small guy he sure could yell a lot

I looked up into the mirror and was astonished 

My brown hair was curled to perfection, making it look 3 times as thick, the disaster of sparkles turned out amazing. The gold glitter lightly lined my upper lashes and was mixed into a perfect smokey eye.

My reflection looked nothing like me, maybe it was a better me starring back through the mirror 

"Now time for the dress chop chop" Fredico said motioning me over to my bathroom

"Try on these three, and you may pick which you like most" He said with a bit out his Italian accent showing

In my bathroom was three dresses all absolutely beautiful.

The first was a white cocktail dress, which hugged my body and had gold flowers embroidered on it. In the dress bag a pair of silver heels.

although the dress looked amazing it was a little short.

The next was a form fitting black dress, with a high halter neck and was nearly backless. A bit of black lace and a golden belt held it all together.

This dress was so pretty but it didn't look quite right on me

The last one was a light peach, it was elegant, classy, cute and all food things packed into one dress.

I walked out wearing this one.

"It's perfect" All my stylists yelled 

"Now Suga you cant wear that necklace it ruins thee dress"

"Sorry Fredico this is the one thing that doesn't go"I responded looking down at the simple pendent.

It was my signature necklace that I wore everyday since my Dad, it's a reminder that I can get through thigs even without someone.

"Fredico is she ready it's time to go" Yelled my new agent from the other room

"you ready"He asked me

"Let's go" I responded


sorry for the short chapter, I might write another one today!

Here are pictures of all of the dresses and other things from this chapter




Dress 1:

Dress 2:

Dress 3:

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