The Contest


1. The Announcement

You swiped at your screen, reloading the page. Disapointed, but not surprised at the lack of change, you sigh.

Ever since the announcement had been made on Twitter this morning, you had spent most of your Saturday checking Dan and Phil's YouTube accounts, hoping a video had uploaded each time you refreshed the page.

It appeared no one knew what was happening, as you checked all social media platforms. The only thing anybody had known was that both Dan and Phil had simultaneously published a mysterious tweet. Though lacking any detail, both tweets displayed the same message: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY! STAY TUNED!

What was the announcement? Another tour? A new book? Whatever it was, it seemed important.

Refreshing the page again, you're rewarded as another small, gray rectangle appears below the channel title. As the thumbnail loads, you scan the description under it.

DAN AND PHIL CONTEST!!!, it reads, puzzled, you tap the image, and instinctively raise your volume as the video loads.

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