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�� My name is Kaya- My name is Nadia- My name is Indigo- My name is Flynn- These are all just names taken from my own life. K.N.I.F.E – We don’t usually go around together, one of us is always in exactly the right place at the right time. Nobody calls for us, we call for them, and the trouble that comes along with every name- We don’t use names for just anyone. We create names for people who need us most . . . ��


5. 爪モ爪口尺ㄚ

- ❺ -



“Please let me in, Andrew, you need to let your mother in.” Her voice angelic from the heavens; “Andrew? You know I have to get everything done for Mondays.”

She just wanted to get in my room every time, there was never a time where little Andrew could have some time alone. The last good thing that my father did for me was install those locks on all those rooms that needed to be private spaces. I don’t miss him; mom don’t miss him either. If she had a heart of gold, she wouldn’t miss him for anything in the world. Little Andrew needs his alone time like any other person out there, we all just need some space away from the outside world. Not everyone wants to be around others, some of us are forced into it by our parents.

“Okay, okay, I’ll count to three, and if you haven’t moved the chair from the door.” Her voice still sounding calm; “I’ll leave the washing up to you, and your clothes can get all dusty for all I care.”

She’s playing me, she’s playing you, don’t fool for her empty threats. You see, she’s a threat to me by being in the same house. I’d rather live alone where nobody gives me commands, nobody can send me input. Don’t let her get inside, she loves to be inside you- I know that cos that’s what mothers do. My so-called friend from across the ocean has taken advantage on watching her do her daily business. I won’t tell you this, but if you are not a pirate, and you don’t like invading on alone time, empty spaces; I’ll share with you the ways you can avoid her.

“Fine, you can also go to the store tomorrow and pick up the dry-cleaning that also needs to be collected. Ya mother can’t do everything for you, when are you leaving the house? Huh?”

Ignore it, don’t listen to that angelic voice of hers. She’s got you hooked, I could invade on her space right now- it would just require a little fine tuning, and I would be able to expose her to you. The entire world, billions of eyes all staring at one individual person in what she’d call her bathing suit. Believe me when I say this; she’s hiding it from you, she loves the attention that comes with it. Every digital second on her virtual self is what she requires- she wants you to stay inside her. Don’t ever leave her, she’ll be begging you for more. My dad got away from her the only he could; he escaped the virtual world. Leaving her alone in reality, but her own world makes up rules, and these commands thrown my way are reasons to leave the same way he did.

“Andrew, I don’t need you in the house tomorrow, so, you better be up early.” Her lies continue, she just wants that alone time.

Now you’ve got her, don’t let her know about your secrets. Keep that to yourself, if you have to draw pictures in your head to see what she is always doing when nobody is looking; you are a sick fuck. I’m sorry, but not even my friend draws pictures in his own mind, he just watches her do it. I’ve never seen it happen, but I know it’s real because my friend wouldn’t lie to me. Andrew has everything he needs; he has the evidence to prove it. I also have the ability to expose my own family to you, just imagine all the ways one-person position themselves- then you’ve got the real thing happening right in front of your own two eyes.

My younger sister, she may be younger but that don’t stop others who are older wanting to watch her. Even when you think that she’s not paying attention to those staring eyeballs- you’ll soon see that she too enjoys the attention. All eyes on her, and you’ve gotten yourself into her world. My dad wouldn’t have done anything like that, he was just someone’s bitch for the rest of his miserable life. His low attention span is what killed him, and his own life was taken from him by someone close to home. I’ve taken advantage of my own sister; I’ve seen her do it to herself, and I’ve watched her believe that user #295 in the chatroom is just another innocent viewer.

When you’ve got your own family under your control, you can expose them to the world. If you want the same power that they’ve had over you for all your life; you can change that with the push of a button. You can make all those bad memories go away with the click of a trigger. Don’t make yourself believe that everything exists for a reason, everything happens for a reason. If that’s the truth, then you can explain to me, my friend, why my own family is enjoying the alone time they spend sat in front of you.

The viewers are naked; the clients are also exposed to your vision. Your mind makes you want to believe that its real, and I can tell you that all of this is one-hundred percent real. Don’t believe me when I tell you, friend, I want you to believe it yourself. In order to have any belief in what I’m saying; you would need to experience it. Just channel your way into her system, and you can be the bait- make yourself useful to her, show your hidden body- don’t be a murderer and stay hidden. Expose yourself to the world, oh, the world doesn’t see you? Good. Then the world isn’t ready for you, and between you and me; she’s only having alone time to be with you. You can say, you can do anything you want with her in the room. It’s an endless domain, a whole world at your fingertips.


“Are you fucking deaf or something?” Another masked freak in front of me, I can’t say anything back to him.

“Don’t give me those two eyes, I want your funny eyes on me.”

I nodded, I couldn’t do anything else. It’s like the whole space just froze in front of me.

“Someone’s not afraid of the dark room? Not afraid to show yourself to the world?” I can’t shake off the feeling.

“Look at me, look right into my eyes.”

“You are deaf, a stupid rug of flesh folded up into one person, and that is quite a disgusting sight.” He laughed in front of my blurry eyes.

“If you look away from me, how will I know you are watching?”

“…Andrew?” Oh great, this one knows my name. “Found by the shelters? God, we’ve got one son of a bitch here. Likes: giving it his all, sharing with family, and enjoys late night walks.” Look at his eyes, you can see how much he despises me.

“Lucky for you, we don’t allow such kindness to go unpunished, and that’s lucky, let me tell ya about the last dude that came in here with no kindness.” That smile just won’t go away. “He was about this tall- a little chubby, those thighs were the greatest I had ever seen, he was right about one thing- he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.”

“You, sick fuck!” I spat right in his face, that mask hiding his untouchable face.

“Ah, ah, not quite the kindness I expected from a guy like you. I assume you’re a guy, sometimes we bag the heads, don’t like them to see what’s going on you know? You must be very lucky to see what’s inside here.”

“I only know what you know, dude.”

“Right, you know an awful lot then, and it’s a shame that you won’t remember it.” He didn’t look too sure; I could see the uncertainty in his eyes. “I’ll be back for you, got one to care of already, this one’s a pig I tell ya.” He imitated a pig, that dull expression on his face thanks to that bad impression.

I’ll give him more time, it’s not like time is on my side right now. Actually, time doesn’t really exist here, and that’s the best thing that exists here. By them not knowing much about time, I can end their lives without giving them the time to think about their pathetic lives. Taking away all those seconds, minutes? Hours? is like taking away someone’s dying wish, I enjoy the sadness that comes with it. Just imagine the one you hate vanishing in front of you, lifeless, no expression to pull. You can make the face change the way you always wanted, all those bad impressions can be mirrored on them. You don’t need to worry about the mess, they will tidy up themselves. Let it sink in for a moment . . .

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