Investigator 13

A story, work in progress, about Juuzou Suzuya the ghoul investivator


1. A hospital bed that smelled strongly of antiseptic and copper


''We still haven't been able to find anybody related with him.''

''It's making me feel bad, him just lying there..''

What? What was this feeling? It was like I'd been here countless times and yet never before. Where was I? Strong, blinding light was flooding my eyes. Over time, a curved rectangle came into view. And 3 white circles. Maybe I could see better if I opened my eyes wider! I widened my vision and suddenly reflexively scrunched my face shut. It was too bright. Over time, I calmed myself and let my eyelids relax. The still air smelled strongly of copper and antiseptic. It was a nice fragrance. Soothing. The lights dimmed and..

The floor was cold. An endless expanse of chunky black and white tiles like an infinite chess board. It was dirty and ill-maintained. The sky was filled with an endless expanse of black. Scared, I glanced at the only thing other than this repeated checkerboard. Myself. My hands were covered with thick, dark blood. Beneath my feet, from between the fine cracks between the tiles, seeped the same blood that covered my bony hands. I did it. I killed him.


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