Age Before Beauty - HS

Being the babysitter to your dream boys baby wasn't an easy job, but it sure did pay well. His little Rosie was far more kind that he appeared to be but if you broke down his walls he was downright gentle. He couldn't hurt people even if he wanted to, too bad pretty boys looks can break hearts with just one look. Be careful sugar.


4. four

To my dismay Anne took Rosie and Roger home early because they all needed rest, I was stranded with Harry at a wedding. Not that I minded at all but I wasn't clear on where we stood with each other and eighty people now thought that we were dating, okay so this whole fake-relationship did get out of hand. The reception was beautifully decorated in different shades Ivory with red and blue lights flashing on the dance floor, some were dancing others were chatting and I was walking around aimlessly. I decided to step outside for a moment whilst Harry worked the crowd as the best man and the brides brother. The fresh air engulfed me muffling the noise of everyone in the tent. I enjoyed the silence because it was calming, I had enjoyed being apart of the wedding and apart of the family but I wasn't and I had to remind myself of that.

"Candy, there you are!"

"Oh hey Sarah!"

"Gemma is about to throw the bouquet come on!"

"I'm coming I'm coming."

I giggled as I scattered inside with one of Gemma's bridesmaids, sarah. There were a small group of young women gathered together and I saw Gemma waiting just for us. Right next to them was a group of young men and the groom standing on the stage with Gemma.

"Now that everyone is here! As you all love I love traditions and what is a better way to celebrate traditions than this! So I will throw the bouquet and Liam will throw the garter whom ever catches either are said to marry first and they must share a dance on the dance floor."

After her short speech both the bride and grim made their way in front of each group and stood with their backs to us. The objects lifted into the air and I simply stood where I was holding my hands up whilst many other women were scattering to be in the perfect position. I giggle for a short moment as I stood at the back of the group not looking nearly as insane as the women in front of me. I felt a slight weight between my arms and I realised I had caught the bouquet of white roses. I held it before me as some girls awed in jealousy or in happiness. I laughed lightly as I held it up to show Gemma, I saw her excitedly clap on the stage and she pointed to the group of me. As everyone dispersed I saw the one and one Harry Styles standing on the dance floor with a light blue garter. He had a light smirk painted across his lips as we walked towards each other and everyone else left the dance floor to us.

"I suppose we have to dance."

"Then let's give them a show."

"What are talkin-"

Harry cut me off as he placed my empty hand on his shoulder and his on my waist, yanking me closer to him so that there was barely any space left between us. Our hands joined at the bouquet and garter, our feet moved together as we waltzed around the dance floor to the sound of a piano. It felt like there was no one else in the room at that moment, it felt simply like me and him. Just us.

"Get ready to spin."

His whispered words travelled to my ears but I hadn't quite adjusted to them as he stepped to the side taking me by surprise as he spun me around. When I returned to his arms I was almost breathe less as head his hands on my hips, but before the song came to and end he dipped me backwards. I clung onto his shoulder for dear life because I wasn't really a great dancer and I had only learned the waltz because they fought us in school. Clapping surrounded us as Harry picked me up again and other people started to fill the dance floor again. Harry's facial expression was almost stone cold I wasn't sure what was going through his mind.

"Come on."

"Harry where are we going?"

"Out here."

He led me outside of the tent where no one was, it was dark out considering it was nearly midnight. He took me to the fountain in the park where everyone had taken pictures earlier that morning. I didn't quite understand what we were doing there but I simply followed like a lost puppy. We stood in front of the fountain starting at the glistening water as the moonlight shun across it.

"Candice I'm sorry I kicked you out after our kiss."

"It's okay Harry."

"No it's not you're a wonderful girl who deserves more than what I can give you."

"Harry you're a great guy and you could be homeless and still be better than most of the guys out there."

"That doesn't mean I'm what you need."

"You may not be what I need but you are most definitely what I want."

He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and I couldn't help feel as if he was a little bit broken on the inside. I couldn't stare at him any longer and this time it was I who pulled my lips towards his, he hesitated for a short moment but then kissed me back lovingly. His hands settled around my waist and mine cupped his face, at least it didn't matter if we kissed there because everyone thought I was twenty years old.

"Let's go back to mine shall we?"

I nodded and me and Harry headed back to his house and fell asleep in his bed, nothing happened between us besides a few kisses. I suppose that was all that we were ready for at that point in time. It was definitely an amazing and I couldn't have asked for it to be any better. Harry was a complete gentleman lending me clothes and letting me get changed in the bathroom, it was a new beginning and I had no idea where our relationship would lead.

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