Age Before Beauty - HS

Being the babysitter to your dream boys baby wasn't an easy job, but it sure did pay well. His little Rosie was far more kind that he appeared to be but if you broke down his walls he was downright gentle. He couldn't hurt people even if he wanted to, too bad pretty boys looks can break hearts with just one look. Be careful sugar.


5. five

My parents weren't at all worried about my whereabouts the night of the wedding nor my whereabouts any other time, I suppose being doctors they were always busy. When the were home I generally was not there. My parents didn't mind an awful lot simply because never said anything, they left me money for food and I had a license so it wasn't like I really needed them around, even if they were home we weren't the kind of people to have family fun. The most we ever did was go on a vacation to Australia back when I was thirteen and that was because my parents had a business trip.

"Candice will you allow me to take you on a date?"

"Well I would but who would look after Rosie I wouldn't want you to hire another babysitter."

"We shall have a date here, I'm free tomorrow night."

"With your schedule I suppose I'll be there."

"I know my job can get a bit much sometimes but hopefully soon enough I will be taking sometime off."

Taking time off was exactly what I needed, not from babysitting but from school. Although I only had three more months left until I finished school forever I was dying to get out. I wanted to move on with my life and go to university or get a job. I wanted to do something.

"Well I have to get home but I will see you tomorrow night."



"Why hello princess how are you today?"

"I'm good, I made you a drawing since daddy said you were coming over to have dinner."

"That's right, me and your daddy are going to have some quality time together."

"Are you daddy's princess?"

"Of course not darling your my only princess."

I giggled as he scooped Rosie into his arms, he was such a great father and managed to always make time for his little girl. That was one thing I adored about him, he put his family first.

"Plus Candice is far to mature to be a princess."

"I beg to differ."

"She's my queen."

I was left speechless as Rosie giggled with joy and Harry's gaze locked into mine, my cheeks grew red and I shied away from his gaze. He put Rosie back onto the floor and sent her to fetch her drawing she had done for me.

"Don't ever shy away from me."

"I can't make any promises."

His hand lingered on my chin as he brought me to face him and he planted a sweet soft kiss on my lips. I was surprising shocked by how caring and gentle he was with me, as if I was a fragile glass slipper that would break from the slightest touch.

"I knew you'd find my mummy!"

We both pulled away as Rosie was jumping with Hoy after she saw Harry and I kissing, I wouldn't have minded to be her mother but I was young enough to be her sister. Harry simply avoided the conversation by letting Rosie show me her drawing of a pony whilst he went and got the table ready for dinner. It wasn't long until Rosie was fed and snoring silently on the couch whilst soundless cartoons flashed on the screen. Harry and I finally sat down across from one another at the dinning table as he served spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread.

"Did you make this bread yourself?"

"Yes I worked at a bakery when I was younger definitely had its perks."

"Well it's delicious."

"Thank you, so tell me how long is it until you finish school?"

"Three months."

"Do you have any plans for leaving?"

"Well I either want to get a full time job and work for a year or go to university straight away."

"You want to study literature if I remember correctly."

"Well it's the main one I'm looking at but I'm not certain."

"Well if you want to take a year of and figure out what you would like to do at uni I could ask around and possibly get you a job at my company."

"Y-your company?"

"Well yes I own Rosebuds Couture  ."

"You own Rosebuds Couture?"

I nearly chocked on my bread as I realised I had never actually asked where he worked. Rosebuds Couture was a magazine and a company that arranged weddings, only London's finest could afford to have their wedding done by them but they were absolutely stunning, I had bought the magazines since I was fourteen.

"Yes my mum handed it down to me and Gemma is the Editor in Chief for the magazine but my mother had always planned to leave the company to me because I started getting involved at a young age as where Gemma did not. I mostly handle the clients and the money and I have executives who do the weddings."

"And you could really get me a job there?"

"Sugar, I could give you Gemma's job if I really wanted to, but let's start small shall we?"

"It would be an amazing opportunity."

"Well how about on Thursday you could come over with your resume what you have been studying at school plus any extra things that might come in handy, we can discuss which branch you will- ... let's save the business talk for Thursday shall we."


I chuckled as he had to stop himself from going business man on me, he was definitely working too much but I could understand why. He ran an extremely popular company and everyone knows in England summer weddings are a must so by the time I finish school there will be lots for me to do, if I accepted the job offer anyway.

"Dinner was wonderful thank you Harry."

"No problem sugar."

He kissed me on the forehead as he placed all of the dishes into the sink and rolled up his sleeves, I didn't know where the new nickname came from but I definitely wasn't complaining. I watched as he scrubbed all the dishes with hi face looking so concentrated on what he was doing. After he was done he dried his hands and slung his tea towel over his shoulder as he continued to make his way towards me.

"We should definitely do this again."

Before I had time to respond he was softly kissing the corners of my mouth lingering for a few seconds, my heart was beating against my rib age as it did every time I was near him. I sucked in a sharp breath of air when he grabbed my hips and he used that opportunity to slip his bottom lip in between mine. Our bodies were pressed together like we were magnets drawn toward each other. His hands gripped my hips so tightly that I was sure they would bruise.

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