Stockholm Syndrome

Rose Faith Davis comes from a family torn apart by the unfortunate events of a late night drive. It's taken years to overcome the loss of the one that believed in her so much. Now, she's graduated high school and is ready to take on the task that is college. She'll be moving from her small American town to the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. There's a lot of bad things happening over the sea, however, this doesn't scare Rose. She's up for any challenge, and will chase her dreams no matter what.
~Don't follow your dreams, chase them~


38. You're Lucky

*A Couple Days Later*

          “I can’t believe this,” Daisy falls back into the grass. “After all you said about him, all the times you called him a jackass. Now you’re together. That is crazy. I’m happy for you two, of course. But it’s just crazy.”

          I laugh, “You’re telling me. But when I saw that other girl come out of his room, I broke. I realized that the feelings I had pushed down were real. That it was now or never.”

          “Stockholm Syndrome is what you called it, right?” Victoria asks.

          “That would be correct, Tori,” I lean back onto my elbows. “Even though he didn’t technically kidnap me, he still forced me out of my home to live with him. But, I think I would’ve fallen for him regardless. That jackass. Ugh, I love him too much. They say you can’t choose who you fall in love with.”

          “Why do you call hi jackass?” Laurel asks. “More importantly, why do you still call him jackass?”

          “I was waiting for someone to ask. Well, after making sure it was alright to tell you, Ashton gave me the go to tell you that he is a drug dealer. Those friends I told you about, they are too.”

          “I still want, what was his name? Calum?” Daisy asks. “I still want his number.”

          “Yeah, me too. I still want Michael’s number,” Victoria says.

          “They could be doing something much worse,” Laurel shrugs. “Like selling women or something like that. What drugs are they selling?”

          “I’ve never asked,” I take out my phone. “I’ll ask when Ashton picks me up. But right now, let me give you some very attractive boy’s numbers.”

          About ten minutes later, Ashton shows up and I leave the girls.

          “Hello lovely,” Ashton smiles as I hop into his car.

          “Hi Ashton,” I lean over and give him a kiss. “Have a nice day?” I settle back in my seat and buckle up.

          “Thought about you all day,” he smiles, grabbing my hand before driving away from the college.

          “Have you made it to the doctors yet?”


          “Good. Now, I have a question. Um, what kind of drubs do you sell?”

          “I was wondering when you’d ask. Well, we actually sell normal drugs. I know, what drug dealer does that? We do. We help so many people. We kill the real jackasses and make it easy for people who really need drugs to get the for super cheap. All the money we get comes from taking down bad drug lords and taking what they have. The police will never catch us, and bad drug business will never stop popping up.”

          “Are you seriously telling the truth?”

          “I am.”

          “That is fantastic. I can’t even tell you how amazing that is. You must help so many people.”

          “I think we do. I truly think we do.”

          “You’re not as big of a jackass as I thought.”

          “Does that mean you’ll stop calling me jackass.”

          I giggle, “Of course not. I still think it suits you.”

          He rolls his eyes, “Fine. I guess, deep down in my heart, I like it.”

          “I know you do,” I smile, bringing his hand up to mine to give it a kiss. “I mean, it’s coming from me, and you love me. Don’t you?”

          He smiles, “I do. I love you, Rose. Quite a lot, actually.”

          “Good. Because I love you a lot as well.”

          “I wish I could kiss you right now, but I’m driving.”

          “Only a few more minutes until we are home. I think it’s safe to say it is my home as well now.”

          “As long as you are a good girl and don’t scream at me like you did back then. I’ll let you call it your house.”

          “Okay. Oh, and can we buy some movies from Amazon?”

          “Sure. We can do whatever you want when we get home.”

          “Sweet. I’m gonna buy so many movies and CDs.”

          “You’re so lucky I have a lot of money and let you buy so much.”

          I smile a little bigger, “I know.”


​Ashton and Rose, sitting in a tree...Haha. They are too cute. Hope you liked it! :D

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