Stockholm Syndrome

Rose Faith Davis comes from a family torn apart by the unfortunate events of a late night drive. It's taken years to overcome the loss of the one that believed in her so much. Now, she's graduated high school and is ready to take on the task that is college. She'll be moving from her small American town to the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. There's a lot of bad things happening over the sea, however, this doesn't scare Rose. She's up for any challenge, and will chase her dreams no matter what.
~Don't follow your dreams, chase them~


36. Stockholm Syndrome

*The Next Morning*

          I wake up, surprisingly in my bed, with the soft blanket next to my face and my teddy clutched to my chest. A headache pounding through my head. An urge to rush to the toilet that eventually subsides.

          Then the events of last night come rushing back. The car ride. The talking outside our rooms. The kiss. Then, the tears.

          I slowly get out of bed, the covers thrown everywhere, and toss my teddy back onto the bed. Too tired to attempt to fix the blankets. Too tired to check my phone for messages from the girls. Too tired to leave my room and face Ashton.

          But I do. I exit my room.

          As I do, another girl is exiting Ashton’s room.

          “Um, hello,” I say.

          The girl looks at me and smiles. She’s wearing nice clothing, but her hair is a mess. “Hi.”

          “Who are you?”

          “Oh, I’m just an old friend of Ashton’s,” her accent seems to be a different Australian dialect than Ashton’s. “He calls me up when he’s feeling alone.”

          “Ah, well, it was nice meeting you,” I offer the girl a small smile.

          “Same to you,” she nods before walking away.

          I wait until I hear the front door open and close before I burst into Ashton’s room. “Ashton fucking Irwin!”

          Ashton looks over at me, straight faced. The TV is on, and he’s sitting up in his bed with no shirt on. “Actually, it’s Ashton Fletcher Irwin.”

          “Don’t make stupid comebacks. You brought a girl over last night and what?! Paid her to please you! That’s a hooker jackass! I don’t want another in my house.”

          “First off, it’s my house. And second off, she wasn’t a hooker. Just an old friend.”

          “Don’t give me that bullshit!”

          “Why do you even care!? You don’t like me and don’t want to be with me! So what’s your problem?”

          “Ever since you forced me here, I’ve felt things. Things I shouldn’t. You are attractive, I can admit that. When I saw you the morning after I was jumped, I wanted to really get to know you. You saved my life, and I wanted to thank you. Repay you. Then you told me about the drug business. I knew I couldn’t, shouldn’t, date you. But, oh no, bullshit thing called Stockholm Syndrome happened. I fucking fell for you! I fell in love with you! I told myself not to, but it happened anyway. It’s because you understand what it feels like to lose a father, and I need that. You are soft and easy to talk too. And I fell in love with you!” I drop down to my knees as the tears start falling.

          Moments later, Ashton is on the ground with me. He’s pulled me into him and I’m crying into his shoulder. “I love you too, Rose. I didn’t mean to either. I just wanted to save you. But then, I developed feelings that I couldn’t take. Feelings that I’ve never felt for someone before.”

          “You are a jackass, but, you’re my jackass,” I sniffle and try to stop crying.

          Ashton holds me out by my shoulders and wipes some of my tears away with his thumbs. “Love, it’s alright. Stop crying. For me, please.”

          “I’m trying, but I’m hungover, and tired. And, I love you,” I hiccup.

          “I love you too. But we need to calm down, and take deep breaths. Okay?”

          “Okay,” I focus on my breathing and calm down in minutes. “Ashton, I’m sorry for all the hell I must have put you through.”

          “It’s alright, I deserved it. I should have done something to make your stay here not so terrible. The way I told you made it so much worse.”

          It goes silent before he connects our lips, and this time I don’t push away. This time it feels right and I let it happen.

          Ashton pulls away first, his eyes slightly darker.

          “Not a chance, Ashton,” I chuckle. “We have to get you checked, and I am nowhere near ready for it.”

          “What?” He laughs.

          “I don’t know how many girls you’ve slept with, and we have to make sure you can’t give me anything.”

          “Fine, let’s go call my doctor. Set up an appointment for as soon as possible. Because I want to be able to do everything with you.”

          I giggle, “Okay, jackass. Let’s go make that call.”


​Ah! I'm so happy for you guys to finally be at this part. This whole scene was my favorite to write, and I just love how everything fell together. :D

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