Stockholm Syndrome

Rose Faith Davis comes from a family torn apart by the unfortunate events of a late night drive. It's taken years to overcome the loss of the one that believed in her so much. Now, she's graduated high school and is ready to take on the task that is college. She'll be moving from her small American town to the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. There's a lot of bad things happening over the sea, however, this doesn't scare Rose. She's up for any challenge, and will chase her dreams no matter what.
~Don't follow your dreams, chase them~


18. Stitches and Pain

*A Few Hours Later*

          “Okay, so what are we making tonight?” I lean against the kitchen counter.

          “Well, I’ve decided on something simple,” Ashton smiles. “Macaroni and cheese.”

          “That sounds lovely, actually.”

          “Good,” he laughs. “I will get the noodles boiling, and you can get the plates and such out. Then we can work together to make the finally product.”

          “What about, like, a salad?”

          “There’s ingredients in the fridge for that, you can do that if you want.”

          I nod, “I will. Do you have bread of any kind?”

          “I have some Italian bread in the pantry.”

          “Let’s fucking do this!”

          Ashton lets out a hearty laugh and then we begin making our dinner.

          I finish making the salad at the same time that Ashton begins to mix things into the noodles. Wanting to be helpful, I reach up into a cupboard to get down some cups. All I end up doing is stretching my side too far and then something liquid and warm begins to run down.

          “Ow,” I mumble out in pain. “Ashton, shit.”

          Ashton, with a smile on his face, turns to look at me. The second he sees that my shirt is being stained red, and the pain on my face, his expression changes to concern. “What happened?” He turns the stoke off and rushes over to me.

          “I just,” my arms still in the air, I point to the cups.

          “Oh, love, you must have ripped the stitches and reopened the wound by trying to do that,” he grabs the cups and places them on the counter. “Now, let’s bring your arms down.” He gently places his hands on my arms and slowly lowers my arms.

          “I feel sick, and it hurts,” I whine, tears forcing their way down my face.

          “Sshh, focus on breathing, and everything is going to be okay, love,” Ashton pushes hair out of my face. “I know it hurts, but it won’t hurt for long. I’m going to fix it. I have promised that I will protect you, and I promise to always fix you. Okay?”

          “Okay,” I take a deep breath. “What about the food?”

          “It is all done,” he bites his lower lip. “Well, the macaroni is almost done, but that doesn’t matter. We are going to my bathroom.”

          “Okay. Let’s go.”

          The two of us head out of the kitchen and down the hall to Ashton’s room.

          “How do you feel?” Ashton asks as we enter his bathroom.

          “Sick and in pain,” I look around the huge master bath in awe.

          “You are going to hate what I ask you do next, though,” Ashton grimaces. “Can you take your shirt off?”

          “No,” I wipe some tears off my face.

          “Love, please, you have to so I can look at the wound.”

          “No, I mean, I can’t. It will hurt too much.”

          “Oh,” his face reddens in misunderstanding. “I’m sorry. Here, I’ll help,” he walks over to me, placing his hands on my hips.

          “Not my shirt,” I look into his eyes.

          “I know,” he smirks, lifting me up and placing me on the counter. “I needed you here, so I can have you higher.”

          “Oh, well, hurry up and get to work.”

          He nods, helping me get out of my shirt. “Ah, rainbow bra, loving it.”

          My face heats up in an instant and there is nothing I can do. “Shut up,” I mumble.

          Ashton quickly unwraps the bandage that is around my lower torso. “Oh, yeah, the stitches popped.”

          “Great,” I choke out. “What do you have to do?”

          “More stitches,” he stands up and looks me in the eyes. “I will numb the area with some cream and then stitch you up real fast.”

          I sigh, “Okay. Just get to it then.”

          “No sassy remark?”

          “I’m not in the right mind set right now.”

          “Of course,” Ashton cups my face gently with one hand. “Then, we can chill on the couch and eat dinner.”

          “I’d like that.”

          He grabs a cloth and wets it, “Don’t feel faint, do you?”

          “No,” I watch as he places the wet cloth on my side. “Whoa, that’s cold,” I giggle.

          “Sorry,” he wipes up the blood around the wound. “Now you know not to stretch too far.”

          “Fuck off,” I stifle a laugh.

          “Okay, enough chit-chat,” he grabs the numb cream and begins applying it to the area, the bleeding having slowed significantly. “It is time to get serious.”

          “Please, be quick. I don’t want to feel it for long.”

          “I’ll do my best love. I apologize now for putting you through any pain.”


Don't be fooled, Rose still has Ashton on her bad list. They are getting better, though. Hope you liked it! :D

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