Stockholm Syndrome

Rose Faith Davis comes from a family torn apart by the unfortunate events of a late night drive. It's taken years to overcome the loss of the one that believed in her so much. Now, she's graduated high school and is ready to take on the task that is college. She'll be moving from her small American town to the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. There's a lot of bad things happening over the sea, however, this doesn't scare Rose. She's up for any challenge, and will chase her dreams no matter what.
~Don't follow your dreams, chase them~


28. Boyfriends and Girl Talk

*The Next Day*

          “Hello Alice in Wonderland,” I smile as my sister picks up on the other line.

          “Rose Faith, you haven’t called in forever,” Alice whines.

          “I know, I know. I’ve been busy. In fact, I think my roommate has a friend over. And I should go be nice and go greet him. Introduce myself and all that jazz.”

          “Aw, don’t leave me now,” she whines a little more. “We just started talking.”

          “I’m not going yet. I’ll listen to you talk for however long you want to talk.”

          “Well, I’ve actually gotten a sort-of-kind-of boyfriend.”

          “Sort of, kind of?”

          “Well, he’s from England and I don’t know if a long distance relationship is for me. Him being a foreign exchange student and all.”

          “That’s up to you to figure out. Can’t help you there. What’s his name?”

          “His name is Finn. He is super cute. I’ll email you pictures later this week.”

          “Sounds good. England, eh? That’s crazy. What happened to, Alex?”

          “Still with that whore,” she glowers. “I don’t think it’s ever gonna end. They seem so happy.”

          “Oh, Alice,” I frown as my sister looks away from the screen. “Don’t cry. It wasn’t meant to be. You are strong, and can get through this.”

          “If only I didn’t push him away,” she sniffles, looking back at the screen. “What about you? How’s your hunt for a boy going? How’s your roommate?”

          “Ashton? He’s good. I’m forgiving him, slowly. Still a jackass.”

          Alice laughs, “Even think about him being the one?”

          “Oh, no way in hell,” I shake my head. “He’s attractive, but that’s really it. No connection. Nothing when we hang out. There’s no spark.”

          “Faith, I know you. I know when and how you lie. We’re the closest, and I can see it in your eyes. But, there must be a reason for you to tell people you don’t like him. Why you haven’t gotten with him. I’ll let it go. Everything will work out in the end.”

          Alice and I continue to talk for close to an hour before so has to go do her homework.

          I close my laptop and hop off my bed, walking out of my room to the living room where I know Ashton and his friend are.

          The boy on the couch is one I’ve never seen before, meaning this is the last friend. His hair is almost black, and his skin tone is tan. He seems to be around the age of all the other boys I’ve met.

          “Hello boys,” I giggle. “Just wanted to come out and introduce myself.”

          Ashton and the new boy look over at me.

          “Love,” Ashton smiles. “I was wondering when you’d join us.”

          “Well, here I am,” I walk over and take a seat on the coffee table.

          “So this is the girl,” the new boy smiles. “I can understand now.”

          “Understand what?”

          “Nothing love. It’s nothing. Really,” Ashton shoots the other boy a glare.

          “Okay, so what’s your name?” I love over at the new boy.

          “Calum,” he smiles. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Rose. Ashton talks about you a lot.”

          “He does?” I giggle. “What does he say? Where does he say it?”

          “Where we do drug business at night. We’ll be hanging out, not doing much, and he’ll just dive right in and talk about you. Sometimes, during the day when we video chat, he’ll talk about you randomly then too. The things he says, well, if I told you, he’d bound from his end of the couch over to me and punch me right in the nose.”

          I pout, “Why?”

          “Again, I can’t say.”

          “Really? Jackass, what do you say?” I look over at Ashton.

          “Nothing, love. Really, I just keep them up to date with how you’re doing and such. Let them know that you’re finally okay with living here. That we made your room the way you wanted it. That you’re doing well in college.”

          “Really? Is that all?”

          “He’s left something out,” Calum says. “Something I think is quite big. But if he isn’t willing to tell you now, then he’s waiting for a later time.”

          I frown, “Okay, fine. I’ll let it go. I want to know what you tell them though.”

          “I’ll tell you love, eventually. How about we order take out and chill tonight?” Ashton smiles.

          “What about Calum? We can’t just kick him out.”

          “Oh no,” Calum chuckles. “I’ve got to get home. Do some stuff for the business. Take care of my dog.”

          “Aw, well, maybe one day you’ll stay,” I shrug. “One day when the drug business won’t keep you away, and you get a dog sitter.”


​Ah, Alice and Rose, one of my favorite sibling relationships I've ever written. Do you like them? :D

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