Stockholm Syndrome

Rose Faith Davis comes from a family torn apart by the unfortunate events of a late night drive. It's taken years to overcome the loss of the one that believed in her so much. Now, she's graduated high school and is ready to take on the task that is college. She'll be moving from her small American town to the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. There's a lot of bad things happening over the sea, however, this doesn't scare Rose. She's up for any challenge, and will chase her dreams no matter what.
~Don't follow your dreams, chase them~


49. Back Home

*Some More Hours Later*

          “Rose!” My sister exclaims as she opens the door. I didn’t exactly tell her when we would be arriving, so this is a huge surprise.

          “Alice!” I smile, bringing her in for a hug.

          “Why didn’t you call or something? I could’ve picked you up. Mom would’ve taken off work. You told us the date you were coming, but not the time. You’re not cool, Rose.”

          We break away and Alice looks over at Ashton.

          “Hello Ashton. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.”

          “You too, Alice,” Ashton smiles and holds out his hand.

          She laughs, “Not a chance Ashton.” She grabs his hand and pulls him in for a hug.

          “Oh, alright,” he laughs.

          “In this family, we greet with hugs. Handshakes are for losers.”

          I sigh, “Is that on a pillow yet?”

          Ashton and Alice break away with smiles on their faces.

          “I can get it on a pillow if you want,” Alice giggles. “But right now, you guys should take all your stuff up to Rose’s old room, and then you can hang with me.”

          “Sounds fantastic,” Ashton grabs my hand and pulls me close. “Rose, lead the way then.”

          I smile, “I can do that.”

          We grab our bags, and I lead the way up to my room. Just up a flight of stairs and down a hall.

          “Isn’t this just so cute,” Ashton smiles as we enter my room.

          I roll my eyes, “It’s been a while since I’ve been home, and I had almost forgotten what my room looks like.”

          There’s a bed in the middle of the wall across from the door; a door leading to my bathroom and one leading to my walk-in closet; many posters of many different bands all over my walls; many calendars from multiple years still hanging on the walls; a furry rug right in front of my bed; my desk and office chair to the right of my bed.

          “I really like it,” Ashton walks over to my bed and falls into it. “A nice big bed for both of us. Posters of all my favorite bands. A connected bathroom. Lovely, it’s perfect for you, and therefore, perfect for me.”

          “You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” I cross my arms over my chest. “My room is out of date and makes me seem like a little kid. I hate it.”

          “Aw, no, lovely. It’s cute and fits your personality perfectly.” He gets off my bed and walks back over to me. “And that’s the truth. I’m never lying to you again. Ever.” He gives me a light, quick kiss. “I bet your sister is waiting for us downstairs and is wondering what’s taking so long.”

          I giggle, “I bet. Better get down there quick before she thinks of something too far into the gutter.”

          “You’re silly,” he giggles. “And I love you for it, lovely.”

          “I love you too, babe.”

          He gives me one more quick kiss before we head downstairs to the living room.

          Alice is sitting in the middle of the couch watching some show while eating chips. “Took you guys long enough,” she smiles. “But not too long.”

          “Don’t even think that way,” I glare at her as Ashton and I sit down on the couch.

          “It’s alright, I wouldn’t tell mom. I’m not a snitch.”

          “Well, we’ll be back in a bit then,” Ashton grabs my hand and makes a move to stand up.”

          “Whoa, not so fast there, Ashton,” I roll my eyes. “You think you’re so funny.”

          “I kind of am,” Ashton leans over and kisses my cheek. “Maybe we can-”


          “I’d prefer if you guys didn’t do anything,” Alice says. “Which I’m assuming the no was about. I won’t tell mom you two have no doubt done it before. You move to a different country and just go crazy.”

          “Thanks, Alice in Wonderland,” I sigh.


​I'm in a hurry, so quick note. Hope you liked it! :D

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