I'm on the Case...or am I the Case?

(Persona 4 fanfiction)

"A-Adachi...w-what are you doing...w-wha-" His lips were against yours. He pressed hard. He pulled back after about a minute. You touched your lips lightly with the palm of your hand, amazed...


2. Detective Work

You walk into the interrogation room and sit at the table and pick up a case file. It read: "ADACHI TOHRU MURDER FILES" You open it up and gasp and close the file after taking a quick look at the first photo. It was a gruesome photo. You look around and hear footsteps heading toward the door. The door opens slowly and a man walks in slowly. 

"Y/N." He says. He sits in front of you. "I see that you've seen the case file already?" 

"Yeah." You reply

"Pretty nasty, huh?"

You nod. You grab the file again and flip through it to find a picture of a detective in a suit with a messed up red tie and grey eyes with dark brown hair. You close it. "Dojima?"

The guy known as Dojima looked at you. "Yes?"

"D-did...Did Adachi work with you?" You ask looking at him in the eyes.

Dojima sighed. "Yes. We did. A long while back he was accused of murder by my nephew and his friends. He kept saying that he murdered people by throwing them into tv's. I didn't believe any of that mumbo-jumbo crap and kept investigating until I found that my nephew was right. Well...about the murdering shit." You look at Dojima carefully.

"W-what if this..."TV World" was real?" You ask. He shook his head.

"I really don't know...well. That case is yours for the month. No slacking off! I mean it!" He stands up and walks out the door.

"Jeez...what's his problem?" You whisper to yourself. You pick up the file and go to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

[3 Hours Later]


"Have you seen this man anywhere?" You ask a young woman walking her dog, showing her the picture. She stared at the picture. Her eyes widened. 

"He was my Ex. He lives in the hotel down the street." She said. You smiled and thanked her and started for the hotel. You walk in and walk up to the front desk.

"Have you seen this man?" Showing the picture to guy at the front desk. He stares. 

"Room 115" The guy gives you the key labeled "115" You take the elevator up to the 6th floor and run to room 115 and unlock the door and walk in. A man was sitting on the bed, staring out the window humming "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. 

You walk behind him and climb on the bed. He stops humming. You tackled him off the bed and made him fall on his back and you sat on him. "You Son-of-a-bitch!" The guy yelled. He looked exactly like from the picture. 

You smiled proudly then you are grabbed by the man and are picked up. You kicked him in the leg, making him fall back with you and then he kicked the tv on its back so he could, what you thought, stand on it but then he pulled you into the tv with him. 

It was a strange feeling. It felt like there was no gravity...or anything really. It was like a void. Then you slam onto a broken table from the fall...

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