Naughty Teacher

Harry Styles is the new History teacher at Lincoln high. Artemis Rhodes is a Senior who wants to get good grades. When she learns that History isn't her strong suit, she turns to Harry to help tutor her. Tutoring sessions lead to another, and soon they find themselves stuck between breaking a rule and falling in love.


9. The Big Question

The next morning when I awoke, I was in Harry's bed. He wasn’t in bed. The door to his room was slightly ajar. I could hear him talking outside. I assumed that he was on the phone. I looked over at my phone. There was a text message from my mom and a few from friends. I replied to them to say that I was safe with Harry. Before I got out of bed, Harry entered the room and set his phone on the bedside table. “What is it?” I asked him when he joined me. He said the principal from the school called him to talk about what she had heard last night. I was more worried about the principal finding out rather than everyone else. “She said since you’re close to graduating, she won’t let me transfer until this Fall. By then, you’ll be in college.” said he. “Oh, and that’s the bad news.”

“What’s the good news?”

Harry pulled something from his pant pocket. I hardly realized that he was dressed. “Here. I made you a key to the condo, just in case you were on this side of the city. Also, I happen to live twenty minutes away from UCLA, so commuting time would be easier for you.”

“Wait, you’re not asking me to move in, are you?”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“Harry, my parents—“

“I called them this morning while I was having the key made. I’m surprised as you are that they agreed to this.” He interrupted. I smiled and leaned in to kiss him. He pulled away, “Is that a yes?”

“Babe, it’s a definite yes.” I leaned in again. I started to unbutton Harry's red flannel shirt while he proceeded to unbutton his pants. He had set the key on the bedside table. I tossed his shirt to the floor. He kicked off his pants. I climbed on top as he laid down on the bed.

When we pulled away from the kiss, a handful of students were quietly whispering about us. “Don’t worry about them.” said Harry. The spotlight was on the two of us. I was used to being the center of attention, but not like this. The situation was different. I wasn’t wearing a cheerleading uniform. I could see the faces of my friends and their dates. “I don’t want to be here.” I said and left the ballroom. I knew their eyes followed me out. I went out into the lounge area where there were seats. Harry had followed me out. He asked me what was wrong. I didn’t know what to tell him. I was worried that the principal was going to find out. “What are we doing? We shouldn’t even be together. It’s wrong.”

“Artemis, forget about them. I love you. I don’t care about what happens tomorrow or the next week. It’s not going to change how I feel about you.”

“I want to leave.” I looked up at him. He nodded and took my hand. He led me out to the parking lot. We walked to his car and got in. He suggested to take me back to my parents’ house. I told him I wanted to go back to his condo instead. He didn’t hesitate to make the drive there. Once we arrived, we entered. He offered me a glass of water which I accepted. I sat down on the couch and took a drink. I couldn’t be in that ballroom for a second longer. “First time in history did the Prom Queen walk out on her own prom.” I said with a slight chuckle. I set the glass on the coffee table.

“Well, I’d probably say the first time at Lincoln High any girl has ever done that. You sure made an impression.” Harry took my hand and held it. “If you’re worried about what they’re going to say, maybe—“

“I don’t want to break up with you.”

“I was going to suggest for us to take some time apart until after graduation. It wouldn’t be easy to be away from you. I mean you are a student in my class.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes at him, but he was right. I couldn’t help myself around him. I leaned in and kissed his lips. He reached up with the other hand and caressed my cheek while kissing me. He reached around to the back and pulled down the zipper. I stood to slip off the dress and knelt down before him to undo his pants. I pulled them down, along with his boxers and started to stroke him. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back while letting out a soft moan. “Artemis…” He breathed when I started to suck. 

“Ohh God…” I closed my eyes while gripping the sheets. When I was able to look at him, he glanced up from what he was doing. His hands were wrapped around my legs. He smirked and positioned himself between my legs. “Mmm… I’m actually glad you said yes.”

“Why’s that?”

“Then I could do whatever and whenever I please to you.” answered he. As he slid inside, his movements were nice and slow. I kind of liked that he was gentle with me at first. Of course every time, I gasped when he entered. It was when he quickened the pace did I tell him not to stop. He would listen and keep going. I enjoyed, not only this, his company. Being with Harry was the only thing I ever imagined, the only thing I’ve ever dreamt of since the first day of Senior year. Hell, I wouldn’t care if he transferred schools. I would still see him after school and practice here at the condo.

We laid down in bed together. I lost track of time. I didn’t care. My time was always well spent being with Harry. “No one is going to believe me when I tell them about how I got my grade up from a C to an A.” I glanced over at him. Ian propped himself on one arm and placed the other on my stomach. He caressed it gently. I smiled, only because it tickled. He leaned in and kissed my lips before pulling away. “Well, only I know the truth. It’s your hard work and determination. Of course, I was your tutor so you cheated a little. I’m kidding. You had to believe that you could do it. You just needed someone to support you and tell you that you can. You needed someone to be cheering for you.” I smiled at him. He was never wrong. 

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