Naughty Teacher

Harry Styles is the new History teacher at Lincoln high. Artemis Rhodes is a Senior who wants to get good grades. When she learns that History isn't her strong suit, she turns to Harry to help tutor her. Tutoring sessions lead to another, and soon they find themselves stuck between breaking a rule and falling in love.


8. Prom Night Reveal

Prom was almost here. It had been about two months since the night at Harry's condo. In History today, we were learning about the 1960's and Martin Luther King's influential "I Have a Dream" speech that led to the Civil Rights Movement of 1964. We discussed the presidency and assassination of JFK, including MLK's assassination. Then, the mission of the First Man on the moon was talked about briefly. In just a few short weeks, the anticipated dance of the year would arrive. It was the one thought in my mind that kept me distracted in class. I remembered that night just like it was yesterday.

"I love you." I hated the silence afterwards. I wasn't anticipating for it to be this long. The two of us were seated on his couch in his living room. Why wasn't he saying anything? Maybe it wasn't the right time. He doesn't feel the same. "I'm sorry. I should head home. It's getting late." I stood up. I headed towards the door. Then I remembered that Harry was my only ride home. Why didn't I think this through? Gah, I'm stupid! Harry grabbed my arm to stop me. It wasn't necessary. He did it anyway. "Artemis," Another short pause, just great. "I know this dance is months away. I want... Will you let me be your date to prom?" Of all things he could've said, he asked me to prom. I stared at him blankly, not knowing what else to say. i told him instead to take me home. He nodded and left his condo. I arrived home and bid him good night before entering the house. Why didn't he say it back? I was frustrated with him. He doesn't love me.

I remember I had closed the door to my room. I had leaned against it and slid down to the floor to cry. I remember my mom knocking at the door minutes later. She found me in bed minutes later when she had come into my room. She knew something was wrong. I didn't know what to tell her. I didn't know how to tell her, but I did. What surprised me was that she didn't yell at me. She knew my heart was broken. I had been sitting up in bed when I told her everything. She reached out and held me. She smoothed down my hair and reassured me that it'll be okay. It's odd now that she was accepting of me falling for Harry. I thought she'd be against the idea of me dating a teacher. I hardly even heard the bell ring for lunch until London nudged me in class today. She handed me her notebook to copy her notes. She was a lifesaver because I wasn't listening at all. Harry and I haven't been meeting up for our sessions since then either.

London and I walked to the cafeteria to meet our friends. Nicolette asked me what was wrong. Eventually I told my friends about Harry and I. It was no surprise to them that I would somehow end up being with him. Now I don't know where the two of us stood. "You haven't been eating well all week. You look like you haven't slept in days." said London. "Arte, breakups-"

"Harry and I aren't broken up. We're... on a break, but it's not over. He asked me to take him to prom. The whole school will know." I interrupted.

"Well, only the Junior and Senior class will know." added Nicolette.

"Harry's one of the hottest teachers at this school. Artemis is right, everyone will know." Jess said. I rolled my eyes and groaned. London suggested that Harry and I should make up. She said that we did make a good looking couple. Also, she secretly heard some of the other faculty talking about Harry. "He's been having a rough time too." said she. I had been thinking about myself this whole time when I realized that Harry was equally affected by all of this. I stood up from the table and told them I had to go. I rushed out of the cafeteria and headed to his classroom. He must've been busy grading our essays. I saw that the door was open when I approached the room. Harry was at his desk with an essay in his hand. Before I even entered, he looked up as if he knew it was me. Though I'm sure he had to do it if one of his students had a question to ask him.

"Artemis?" I don't remember him ever being surprised to see me. I entered the classroom and closed the door behind me. "I wasn't aware we had a meeting on Thursdays."

"We don't. It's just... we haven't really spoken much since that night. It's been bothering me lately." I looked down at my hands. I stood before him in front of his desk. I could see that he was just getting starting on reading the essays. He hasn't gotten to my mine yet. "About that night, I shouldn't have-" Harry stood and walked around his desk. He leaned in and kissed my lips. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. A hand of his was caressing my cheek softly while the other was on my waist. "I love you too Artemis." He said it. I kissed him again. The bell had rung. He told me he had to cancel his afternoon class because he had a family emergency. I eyed him suspiciously. I could tell that he was lying. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with me. I reminded him about cheerleading practice. "It's at 4, right?" asked he. I nodded. He said that it was plenty of time. He put the essays in a folder that he put into his bag. We headed out together and walked to his car.

He started the car once we were settled in our seats. He began the drive on down the street. I asked him where we were headed. He told me that it was a surprise. I stayed silent for the rest of the ride, trusting him with his spontaneous decision to drive to an unknown place. We arrived at a local café shop where he bought me coffee. “I wanted us to have a time alone to talk about that night.” said he. “You still have yet to answer my question.”

“Harry, I don’t think you brought me all this way to ‘just talk.’” I smirked. “Oh, to answer your question, I’ll go to prom with you.”

. . .

Tonight was prom. The dance was being held in the ballroom of one of the hotels. I was getting ready by myself at my house. I told my friends that I would meet them at the venue with my date. I managed to tell my dad about Harry and I dating. I remember at first he was skeptical about him because of the age difference. I was fully dressed and ready to go when the doorbell rang. Of course my dad had answered because I heard he and Harry exchange a few words downstairs. My mom called from the bottom of the stairs to tell me that my date was here. I have never been so anxious. It was just the fact that I was taking a teacher to prom, not another Senior. I took a deep breath and headed downstairs. When I reached the main floor, Harry was in conversation with my dad until he looked towards my direction. He had stopped in mid-sentence when he saw me. I saw his eyes light up. I blushed when I heard him say, “Wow.”

“Let’s take a few pictures before letting them go hon.” said mom. Harry and I stood beside each other while mom took her pictures of us. Once she was content with the pictures she had taken, dad was the one to send us off and told us not to have too much fun. “I’ll make sure to bring her home on time sir.” said Harry, only to respect my dad’s wishes. The two of us were finally able to leave the house. When we got into the car, I apologized to him about my parents’ behavior. Harry said he didn’t mind. He actually liked that my parents wanted to allow me to have memories of prom. We drove to a restaurant to have dinner before heading to the venue. As we arrived at the venue, Harry dropped me off at the entrance and said he’d meet me inside. I get out of the car and headed inside. My friends were waiting for me with their dates. “Where’s yours?” asked Nicolette.

“He’ll be here soon.” I said. I wasn’t sure how I felt about bringing Harry as my date. Everyone inside the ballroom were students from his classes. Victoria approached us, followed by her friends and her date. “Rumor is that you’ve been sleeping with Mr. Styles to get your grade up. How did you go from a C to an A in just a few months?” Her arms were crossed against her chest. I didn’t want to deal with her tonight.

“Leave it alone Victoria.” said London.

“Not standing up for yourself this time Artemis?” Victoria was definitely not getting the spot now. Before anyone could say anything, Harry had arrived. It hardly occurred to me that he had taken my breath away as well. His blue tie matched my dress as well as the flower pinned to his suit matched the corsage. He was hot and everyone knew it. “Is there a problem here ladies?” I was relieved he arrived just in time. I could tell Victoria was swooning over him because she immediately fell silent. Harry smiled, “Good, I thought so. Shall we?” He had turned his attention to me and held his arm out. I knew everyone would start whispering about us. Why should I care? I had a hot date who showed me more respect than any other guy at this school ever did. I nodded and smiled while I linked my arm with his. I headed inside the ballroom with him. I knew I was going to get stares. I knew I was going to be talked about until graduation. I knew what was going through their minds. Girls were eying me with envy or disgust. I wasn’t sure. It was hard to read them in this light. Louis was one of the chaperones for our dance. “Why am I not surprised?” He asked with a smile.

“Thanks for filling in.” said Harry. London led me away from Harry to leave the two of them talking. She said that everyone in the room was talking about us. I told her that I wasn’t surprised. I was expecting it. “Aren’t you worried that the principal is going to find out?” Jess asked.

“If Harry gets transferred to a different school, then fine. We’ll deal with the consequences. We’re graduating soon anyway. It won’t matter by then.” I said. I was going to enjoy this night. If Harry does transfer, it wouldn’t change the fact that I love him. Of course with him as my date, it still didn’t change the fact that I won Prom Queen. After the slow dance with the Prom King winner, I was finally able to dance with Harry. “Your friends are worried about you too, huh?” asked he.

“We can’t live in this fairytale forever. We’re going to have to face reality eventually.” I looked down.

Harry reached out and caressed my cheek to make me look at him. “I don’t care about what happens after this night. If I have to transfer to a different school, I’m going to make every minute I spend with you count until I do. I love you, and no one can change the way I feel about you.” He leaned in and kissed me right in the middle of the dance floor.

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