Naughty Teacher

Harry Styles is the new History teacher at Lincoln high. Artemis Rhodes is a Senior who wants to get good grades. When she learns that History isn't her strong suit, she turns to Harry to help tutor her. Tutoring sessions lead to another, and soon they find themselves stuck between breaking a rule and falling in love.


1. Meet Mr. Styles

Senior year was just beginning. I was graduating in May. Of all classes that were required in high school, History was my least favorite subject. "How did you get an A on the History test?" I glanced over at my friend's test. London had always gotten a perfect score. She was one of my close friends since elementary school. "You have to know your time period and major events occurring within the given period. You can work your way from there easily." London put her test into her bag. I folded up mine and stowed it away. The two of us walked to the cafeteria to join our friends. Nicolette and Jess were waiting for us at our table. Nicolette asked us about the test. London bragged about her score. "I didn't do so hot." I took out my food and began eating.

"Why don't you talk with Mr. Hottie? I'm sure he'll let you do some extra credit." suggested Jess. Our former History teacher returned to Lincoln high two years ago. Honestly, I did miss the former teacher. He was friendly to everyone at this school .The thought of extra credit was a start. If I didn't do well on my next test, I would be asked to leave the cheerleading team. I had a C in the class, currently. I had to bring it up to an A or maintain it at a B somehow. I couldn't let this one class mess with my GPA. For three years, I had a 4.0 GPA. I finished up my food and told my friends I would see them class. I knew Harry was free during lunch period. He always ate in his classroom, never the teacher's lounge.

I arrived at the classroom and entered. Harry looked up from his computer. Guess he was busy. Since the start of the semester, I always found him attractive. He had brown hair and green eyes. Though two years ago, I didn't think that he was attractive at all. "Mr. Styles, I was wondering if I could schedule a day to talk about the test with you." I don't know why I was suddenly nervous to talk with him. Was it his eyes? Or was it that he was the only other attractive teacher at this school?

"I'm free today after school, unless you'd like to meet on Friday's instead." Today was Tuesday. I told him that either day was fine with me. Eventually, we agreed to meet on Tuesdays. I had cheerleading practices on Thursdays. "It sounded like you have a lot of concerns about your grade." I told him that I wanted to do well on my next test but couldn't seem to grasp the material. I suggested that I was open to any sort of extra credit he could offer or have someone to tutor me. From where I stood, I noticed his eyes casually glance up and down. Was he checking me out? He was leaning back in his chair with one arm rested on the armrest. A finger brushed his lips. He was definitely checking me out for sure. "How about after school we can go over your test? At the moment, I don't have any extra credit opportunities. As for tutoring, I can help you if you'd like." said he.

"I'll think about it. Thank you." Though I had someone different in mind when it came to tutoring, like someone from my class. When I exited the classroom, I was able to breathe. The atmosphere in that classroom was different. I wondered if Harry felt it too. The lunch bell rang and I headed to class. After school, I went back to Harry's classroom to go over my test. I handed it to him. He pointed out and explained to me why I missed the questions I had gotten incorrectly. I told him that I struggled with some of the terms.

This was followed with him suggesting for me to read the book or use it as a reference if I'm stuck on a term I was unsure of. "So, you're sure there's no other way for me to get extra credit?" I placed the test back into my bag. We had been talking for over an hour, which was surprisingly long. I thought we would just spend 15-20 minutes. With other teachers, I've talked for 10 minutes or less and leave. Though there was something about Harry that made the tension go away, almost like we weren't having a teacher-student conference. "I know you want to get a better grade, but-"

"Please, I'll do anything." I interrupted.

"If you accept the tutoring, I'll add five extra points to your grade." said he. "I would need to get conformation from-"

"No parental consent necessary. I'm 18."

"When are you free to do tutoring?"

"Friday and the weekends." I answered. It was surprising to me that he agreed. Our first tutoring session was this Friday after school. Harry had to lock up and head home. We walked out to the front of the school. He asked if I had a ride. I told him I was dropped off. My dad was working the late shift at the local Police Department. My mom worked at the hospital and would come home a little after 5pm. He offered me a ride home. I accepted without any hesitation and got into his car with him. "Nice ride." I told him. Harry thanked me and said it was 2015 Audi R8. He began the drive down the street when I told him the directions to my parents' house. He parked the car in front of the house. Both cars were not in the driveway. "Thanks for the ride home Mr. Styles." I smiled. 

"You're welcome. See you Thursday in class." Harry flashed a smile which made my heart beat rapidly against my chest. I get out of the car before anything else could happen. I headed inside the house and closed the door behind me. I leaned against it and let out a sigh. I grabbed myself a snack and headed upstairs to my room. That night, I couldn't stop thinking about Harry and the things I would like to do to him. I haven't felt this way about anyone, not even a guy in the same grade as I. All I know that feeling this way about a teacher was wrong, unless it would be easy to keep what I'm feeling a secret.

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