Naughty Teacher

Harry Styles is the new History teacher at Lincoln high. Artemis Rhodes is a Senior who wants to get good grades. When she learns that History isn't her strong suit, she turns to Harry to help tutor her. Tutoring sessions lead to another, and soon they find themselves stuck between breaking a rule and falling in love.


4. I'm Thankful For

It was the week of Thanksgiving break. How am I going to tell my parents that I’m going on a trip with Harry? Well, they were planning on driving to San Francisco to see family. I told them that I had a test to study for in the upcoming week. They gave me the entire house to myself. I didn’t think they would allow me to have the house for the 4-day weekend. My friends were either going out of town or celebrating with their families for Thanksgiving. “So your parents left the house to you?” asked London. We were all seated at a table in the cafeteria. I took a bite of my food and nodded in response to her question.

“Wow, my parents would never leave me alone at our house?” Nicolette took a sip of her drink.

“That's because you would throw parties.” I told Nicolette and rolled my eyes. She shrugged, only because she knew that I was right. Today was Wednesday. I was studying for our second History test that was coming up soon. “What are you going to do all break?” asked Jess.

“Study for the test I guess. I’ll think of something.” I said. Harry was one of the teachers in the cafeteria on the lookout for any possible fights that could arise. He caught my eye when I had looked in his direction. I pretended I didn’t notice. I didn’t want my friends to be suspicious of what was going on between the two of us. When our eyes met, I could only think about what we had done in his classroom. “I know who you could take to Winter Formal.” said London.

“Who?” asked I. London told me that there was this guy on the soccer team I could take to the dance. I told her that I’d have to think about it. After school, I had gotten a ride back home. My parents were packing up their bags in the car. They were heading out soon. I had arrived just in time to say my goodbyes before they headed off. They were taking my dad’s car, which left me with mom’s car to use if I ever need to go out. I wished them all a safe trip and watched them back out of the driveway.

Harry's car had just pulled up in front of my house. I told him to drive once around the block. I didn’t want my parents to see his car. He parked his car on the driveway. “I have a better idea. We can visit my family during winter break, but in the meantime, we can have our own Thanksgiving.” Harry smirked. I had a slight idea of what was going on in that head of his. He wasn't afraid to hide it. I'm sure he too was thinking about what he had done in his classroom. I'm not going to lie. I wanted to do it again but to last longer than the allotted time that we had been limited to. “You’re supposed to be helping me study.” I reminded him.

“I’m confident that you’ll do well on this test. Let’s be honest, you couldn’t stop thinking about that day we had together. I’ve never stopped thinking about it.” He reached over and put his hand on my thigh. The two of us were sitting on the couch. He rubbed up and down slowly. He turned me on so much. He was distracting me from the task at hand. He was right. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now knowing he thought about it as well, it goes to show how much the two of us wanted each other. “First things first, help me study so I can secure an A on the test. Then we’ll talk.” I smiled. He agreed, but still kept his hand on my thigh. He quizzed me on the topics that would be on the test and reminded me about some of the terms I’d have to know.

After two hours of studying, my mind was exhausted. It was almost dinnertime as well. “Too bad all the stores and restaurants will be closed for Thanksgiving.” I sighed and put my school stuff away. I set my History book on the desk in my room. Harry was leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed. “Let’s go out tonight, my treat. Then tomorrow we can either pick up where we left off or…”

“How about we sit in and watch a movie tomorrow?”

“Think of all the fun we could be having.”

“Harry, all I’m asking is one movie. We have four days to do whatever we want. I just… I have trouble figuring out if-“

“No one is going to find out about us.” He interrupted. He walked up to me and placed his hands on either side of my face. “It’s a risk for me to even be here with you. What if one of your neighbors goes to your school? I’m sure someone here will recognize me.”

“There’s no one I know that lives here. This area is full of retired, middle-class people. I’m just worried, that’s all.” I looked down. He lifted my chin and leaned in to kiss my lips. He reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. It was all going to my head. I nodded and let out a sigh. Again, he mentioned dinner. We drove to the grocery store. He grabbed a cart and picked out a few items. I wondered what he was going to make. He bought the items. I helped carry some of the bags out to his car. This time instead of leaving his car on the driveway, I allowed for him to park it inside and left my mom’s car on the driveway. We carried the groceries into the kitchen. He told me to lay them out on the counter. “What are you going to make?” I asked.

“I would have bought turkey to roast, but I hope you don’t mind having steak tonight.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes when he started to season the steak. A man that could not only teach, but cook as well was definitely a turn on. He knew his way around the kitchen pretty well. I questioned him about his cooking skills. He told me that his mom would teach him. Well, I was most definitely impressed. I asked him if there was anything I could do. He told me I could help with the salad. Simple enough. I thought to myself. I washed my hands and took out a knife and cutting board. I washed the vegetables thoroughly before cutting them and placing them in a bowl to be mixed. I remember that I’d watch my parents cook in the kitchen when I was younger. My mom would tell my dad to stay out of the kitchen, unless he was grilling.

Though it almost felt like Harry and I were sharing the kitchen. We hardly got in each other’s way. He began to cook the steak. The entire area began to smell of the aroma of the seasoned steak. It was making my mouth water thinking about eating a piece of meat. I was finished with the salad. When Harry was done with the steaks, he served them on separate plates. We grabbed our serving of salad and put dressing on top. We sat at the table and began to eat. The food was amazing. I’ve never had my steak seasoned this way before. Every bite, I just had to savor the moment. I complimented Harry on being a good cook and thanked him for the meal. “It’s not every day that I cook for a beautiful girl.” He smiled before taking a bite of his food. I blushed at his statement and continued eating. After dinner was over, we washed our plates and put them in the dishwasher. Harry had bought us cheesecake to have for dessert. It was New York Style cheesecake. I was never a fan of the strawberry flavored one. “How long are your parents out of town?” asked he.

“They’ll be in San Francisco for two days. I think they’ll be back by Saturday night into early Sunday morning.”

“You’ll be here alone for most of the break?” I nodded and took a bite of my cheesecake. “If you’d like, I could… stay here with you. I would hate for you to be here all by yourself.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.” Was he being serious?

“If I go home, think about all the opportunities I’ll miss. I’ll drive home, pack a bag to stay for the nights your parents are away, and I’ll come back. It’s a big house for one person.” Eventually, he persuaded me to agree to the idea. It only took him five minutes. He drove out, which left me to clean up the dishes. When he came back, I was just about ready to head to the shower. I watched some television while he was out. I told him that can sleep the guest bedroom. He said that it was a bit unfair. “Your parents aren’t even home.”

“I haven’t exactly shared a bed with anyone before.” Harry set his bag down in my room. He lay on my bed and patted the empty space beside him. Reluctantly, I went over to join him. He wrapped an arm around me. I rested my head in the crook of his neck. “Is this what cuddling’s like?” I glanced up at him. He rubbed my arm gently. Being in this position with him felt nice.

“You’ve never cuddled before?”

“I’ve cuddled, but… without clothes. It’s so different with.”

“I could strip if-“

“No, I just want to lay like this for a while.” I interrupted. I closed my eyes and felt him nuzzle into my hair. While we were cuddling, all I could think about was what life would be like if he wasn’t my teacher. What if Harry was my age? What if what we were doing wasn’t against the law? He would be the guy I’d take to Winter Formal. He would be the one I’d take to prom. Yet, life works in mysterious ways. I thought about Winter Formal. I thought about London's suggestion for me to take the guy on the soccer team with me to the dance. I didn’t want to be dateless, but I couldn’t be seen with Harry either. It was against the school’s policy. Though, he would have to chaperone the dance along with the other faculty so maybe going to the dance wouldn’t be so bad. The bad thing about all of this was the fact that I think I’m falling in love with my History teacher.

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