The guy

Andriana just wanted to go for a walk. But that one walk changed everything. She met him, his chocolate brown mesmerizing eyes, and the sweep of jet black hair in the shadows. He was an angry, a dark creature at night not wanting to subdue in the shadows. And that night he roared, because of her. To protect her. Why? Adrianna will never know....


2. Where am I?


As I stretched my legs, a yawn forming in my mouth. Wow, that was such a great sleep. But then I realized something.... This is not my room. The black curtains were not mine, the oh-so-very cumfy mattress didn't feel like mine, and I was not hearing Kelly's annoying voice in the morning like I usually did. 

All the events from yesterday came rushing back to me like a tornado, the party, the attack, the mysterious man with deep brown eyes. I started hyperventilating... Where the hell am I? The last thing I remember was sitting near the unknown man and now I'm in bed. Whose bed? Wait, was I naked? 

I looked under the sheets... Oh thank god! My ripped dress, however short it was, was still intact to my body, and the man's black leather jacket still covered me.  Letting a sigh of relief, I looked around. 

This was definitely a guy's room. The walls were painted a cream white,  two windows covered with black curtains near the bed I was in. A black night stand was near me, which my phone was placed on, and there was a black closet on the wall away from the windows. I'm guessing the door to my left was the exit. It was a simple room, nothing extraordinary, but it was elegant. And all black. 

I slowly got out of the soft bed and my toes immediately curled as I stepped on the freezing cold floor. I walked towards the door to go out of the room. I walked through a hallway filled with at least ten to fifteen more rooms. What is this place? After coming out of that hallway, I entered the living room to the house.

I was hearing voices to my left, which I guessed was the dining room and the kitchen. I entered the door on my left, and there was a table with more than ten guys crowding around it, having left over pizza. Some were fighting over pizza, laughing with each other. Others were too busy eating, and looking on their phones. One of them had his back to me while heating something in the microwave. I was guessing, more pizza?

It was so weird. I had never seen so many voices engrossed with each other, in one room, and just eating and smiling and joking. It was almost a family. In a weird way. As I was leaning on the doorway, just observing them, one of the guys noticed me. He was smirking at me, almost in a humorous way, like he found my unknowingness funny. I glared at me.

"Well, well, well, look who decided to show up", the boy chuckled. He had blue eyes, blonde hair, with dark brown highlights. The way he smirked and laughed told me he wasn't a serious type.

All the conversation stopped as the others noticed what the guy had said and had looked towards me. One of the boys' was so shocked he dropped his pizza. After realizing what he had done, he looked down and pouted, like a little child. I was internally laughing.

Externally, I was freaking out. I didn't like the attention of all these testosterone filled guys, some of them even shirtless. I had to know how I got here.

"Where am I?", I asked them the question I had in my mind since I had gotten up.

 "Babe, Hunter brought you home after you apparently "fell asleep sitting next to him". It's the first time I've seen him bring a girl home. You must be something", one of the boys, the one who had first talked to me, answered, winking at me and looking me up and down

"Who's Hunter?'

The boy pointed to the guy who was heating pizza in the microwave. I turned towards him and my jaw was wide open.... It was the guy, the man, the savior, whatever you wanna call him, from last night. He brought me to his house after I had accidentally slept off. He carried me to his car, took me to his room, and let me sleep on his bed. That's......that's so......sweet. No one's ever done that for me. Who knows what could have happened if he had left me there, well I know, it was about to happen, but he stopped it.

 I turned and looked at him. He was leaning on the kitchen counter, observing me, silently staring at me. I took a deep breath and walked up to him.

He followed my moving figure with his eyes until I was right in front of him. I had to say thank you. He looked into my eyes questioningly, probably wondering what I was about to do. Here it goes.

I took three steps toward him, coming closer. We were barely an inch away from each other, and he was still looking at me with the intense stare. I looked into his eyes. Slowly, inching towards him, I put my arms around him, giving him a hug. I can't believe I did that. It was a hug, not that big of a deal right?

Well hugging was a very big deal.

He was so warm, and twice the size of me. As I wrapped my arms around him, my small fingers felt his soft hair at the base of his neck. He anchored me as I leaned into his chest, sheltering me.

He was obviously surprised at feeling my arms around his body, and my face buried into his chest. I was about to pull away thinking he wasn't going to respond. But then he gradually leaned into me, his hands going around my waist, clutching me, hugging me back. He buried his head in my neck, breathing in my scent.

"Thank you", I whispered into his ear, "thank you so much."

I felt him slowly nod his head against my neck. His soft lips grazing the skin on my neck.  He replied in his deep, husky, voice, "Are you okay."

Nobody in my whole life has ever, ever asked me that. Not my mother, not my sorry-excuse-of-a father, not my abusive ex-boyfriend, no one. This man, that I met one night ago, asked me the question I needed to hear my whole life. Was I okay?

No I wasn't. Last night was the first time I was sexually assaulted, it brought back memories of pain, my whole life has been of pain, I really wasn't okay.

But for some reason, those huge arms clutching me for dear life made it okay. Made me feel okay. For now I was okay.

So I nodded yes, in that soft but firm chest of his, I whispered back to him.


After hearing my reply, he slowly inched his protecting hands away from my body. I let him go and took a step back, disappointed at the release of heat as I left the warmth of his chest.

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