The guy

Andriana just wanted to go for a walk. But that one walk changed everything. She met him, his chocolate brown mesmerizing eyes, and the sweep of jet black hair in the shadows. He was an angry, a dark creature at night not wanting to subdue in the shadows. And that night he roared, because of her. To protect her. Why? Adrianna will never know....


3. Welcome to the Shooters


As Hunter and I both separated, the rest of the room was so silent that you could have heard a pin drop. The rest of the guys had their eyes wide, with pure surprise and shock written on their faces as they looked between the two of us. The boy who was smirking and winking at me earlier was smirking again. What's with him and smirking?

I was feeling anxious underneath all their stares. Thankfully Hunter decided to break the silence. He cleared his throat, asking them to as I quote "finish their damn pizza" and "stop fucking staring". After this rude awakening, the one who loved to smirk stepped up to me, reaching his hand out for me to shake.

I nervously shaked it when he suddenly put his arms around my shoulder, screaming loudly in my ear, "Hi I'm JACK!!!"

"What's your NAME", he exclaimed even more exuberantly. He was definitely a weird one.

"My name's Ashen", I replied to him.

"We'll call you Ash, I'm Harry," one of the others said smiling at me. I smiled back.

I was introduced to everyone in the room by Jack. He pointed to the ten guys, "that's Josiah, very quite but attentive, Jace is in the back there, stuffing his face with pizza, the Don and Ton twins are to your left, he pointed at two cute guys with curly blonde hair. Then there's Andrew, a very good fighter, also Danny, and Mathew, known as Matt or if you wanna annoy him then call him Matty. Brandon is sitting in the back, he's very mysterious but won't stop talking once you warm up to him, and you already met Harry, there's me, the one and only Jack, and Hunter seems to know you very well."

 Woah... how do all these guys live together. This is crazy. I looked at all the faces around the room, putting a name to each boy I glanced at. Most of them wore leather jackets and skinny jeans, except Hunter. I was still wearing his jacket.

I looked at the time on the watch hanging on the wall. It was already ten in the morning. I should definitely be heading home, Kelly's probably worried sick about me.

" I think I've overstayed, can one of you drop me home," I looked at all of them. They were once again wide eyed and surprised. Why were they surprised, I just asked to be dropped home. Jack scratched the back of his neck and averted his eyes from me.

I looked towards Hunter near the kitchen. He roughly told the guys, "tell her".

 And then he walked out of the room. Why did he suddenly leave, and what do they have to tell me? What's going on?

 Harry slowly came up to me, he took my hands into his hands, and looking down guiltily he said, "your not allowed to leave". 

What the hell? This makes absolutely no sense.

 "What do you mean I can't leave?", I inquired to Harry.

 He lead me into the living room, in front of the tv. The others slowly followed him into the room, sitting down onto the white leather couches. Harry took the remote and turned the TV onto the news channel.

I was shocked as I heard the news on the TV. A woman with a microphone speaks as she stands in front of a run down building.

"We look out here at this building and see four men, bloodshot, with gun wounds around their body. This is one of many attacks we've seen so far in the city and most of us know who to blame. The infamous gang, The Shooters, have been creating havoc in several parts of this city, and are currently in a gang war with many other gangs in Portland City. Witnesses remember seeing a brown haired, tall man, with a black shirt and black pants shooting these four men at six in the morning behind this building. This matches the profile of the notorious gang leader of the Shooters, Hunter. Beware of these men and call 911 if you happen to see any of them. Photos flash in the TV screen, each of them showing the ten boys next to me, shooting at someone or walking around with guns. The camera focuses back on the women. This is all for now, thank you for listening."

The news channel ended and another advertisement came on the TV screen. Harry turned the TV off, nervously glancing at my shocked face.

Jack looked up to me, saying....

"Welcome to the Shooters."

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