The guy

Andriana just wanted to go for a walk. But that one walk changed everything. She met him, his chocolate brown mesmerizing eyes, and the sweep of jet black hair in the shadows. He was an angry, a dark creature at night not wanting to subdue in the shadows. And that night he roared, because of her. To protect her. Why? Adrianna will never know....


1. The walk

I need to get out of here. The pumping music, sweating bodies, and stench of alcohol was too much. I looked around in the club. After skimming through the orange corners of the walls and under the neon lighting, I found the exit door. Having had enough I walked out of there.

Kelly didn't need me right now. She was too busy making out with the first guy she saw in the club. What kind of friend ditches you after forcing you to come to a party? I wasn't even having fun.

That was not my scene. It never will be, I'm not a party girl and never will be. I left the club with relief in my ears because of the distance away from the barring music. It was a chilly night, the isolation comforting me. I skipped some rocks down the road with my feet as I strolled. I walked on until forever not knowing where I was going. My thoughts started wandering.

Why did I even come out tonight, what was I thinking? I fail a test, my mom screams at me for not being responsible, dad hasn't called me for a month, and then Kelly drags me out her to party, thinking I'll feel better. My roommate can be very oblivious sometimes. I kept on walking and found myself lost.

Not knowing my surroundings any longer, I realized this wasn't such a good idea. It was dark, unknown, and a mysterious dead end with alleyways on every side of me. I was no longer in a the safe side of town. With the full moon creating shadows along the walls and the dumpsters filling a garbage stench up my nose, a creepy feeling of being followed pranced in my mind.

I looked behind me and four drunks with cigarettes in their hands were walking quietly. How long had they been there? Once realizing I had caught them stalking me, one of them whistled at me. I started walking faster, my heart hammering in my chest. They started running towards me. We were playing a game of mouse and cat. I was the mouse. The heels under my feet, and the short, skimpy, uncomfortable dress I was wearing were not helping my situation. As I picked up my pace, I turned a corner. The four drunks were there. They had found a shortcut, obviously knowing their way around better than me. They surrounded me in a circle. Looking at me like I was the prey, and them the predator. Walking around me in circles, they started taunting me.

"I love what you're wearing, baby", one of the stinks said in my ear.

"Come home to me, I can do wonders sweetheart", another whispered as his grimy fingers groped my lower back.

The other two undressed me with their eyes, making me feel exposed. I backed up and kept on backing up. They didn't leave, the fear in my eyes comforting them. What kind of sick men feel good making a girl scared? They're not men, they're monsters. I didn't know what to do as my back hit the alley wall behind me.

The leader of the pack started sauntering towards me. His eyes gleaming with lust, his smirk threatening me. He came forward. He pinned me to the wall, both my wrists on top of my head. I knew what he was going to do. I didn't want him to do it.

"Leave me alone," I said softly. I struggled against the man. Trying to get out of his hold.

"We can't do that. A pretty thing like you can't go to waste, can it?", he replied in my ear.

I closed my eyes. Waiting, praying that this won't happen. His hand started going down my cheek, down my neck, crawling down my collarbone. I was squirming, attempting to get out of his tight hands. I felt tears in my eyes. Little droplets falling from my eyelashes. His hand went further down, touching my breast. The grimy hand traveled to my waist and pinched my hip.

I knew where that hand was going next. I knew. I fought him. I fought him hard. I was thrashing, clawing, scratching. Trying to move, trying to scream, trying to do something. The man held me harder, covering my mouth, trying to hide my cries of help. His hand groped me everywhere. I kept on struggling, I couldn't let him win, I wouldn't let him. The other three started helping him, knowing I wasn't going down without a fight. One covered my mouth, the other still holding my wrists. One of them, the guy who called me sweetheart, harshly held my hips, stopping them from moving. The leader raised his hand to finish what he had started. He volatilely ripped the side of my dress, leaving half of my side bare. You could see everything. My bra, my underwear, everything. The four men held on to me. I couldn't move, I couldn't fight, I was completely exposed, they won. My tears were flowing, my skin showing in front of these sick monsters.

I closed my eyes again. I knew this was over. As I felt his disgusting hand under my underwear, touch me where no man had ever in my life touched me, a voice interrupted. Out of nowhere in that alleyway. In that grimy, digusting alleyway someone interrupted. Someone merciful enough.

"Leave her," the husky voice growled.

The four turned towards the interrupting voice. It was another man. But he didn't show himself. Staying in the shadows, he said, "Leave her if you want to stay alive."

I couldn't believe my ears.

The four smirked to each other. They left me, one of them whispering in my ear, "I'll be back."

As their hands released my body, I sunk down onto the floor, sliding against the wall, with tears in my eyes, and a feeling of solace filling my soul.

I tried uselessly to cover my body with the rags of my ripped up dress. There was nothing left to salvage. I sat there in the cold, dark, almost naked, and looked in the direction of the voice.

The four now stood in front of the figure who had dared to stop them. He walked out of the shadows. The click of his shoes being heard, slowly and steadily.

Now they were the prey, him the predator. 

He was breathtaking. A muscular build, black jeans, and a black shirt filling his fit body. His jawline could cut glass, and his eyes. His eyes were a deep, burgundy, brown. His hair sweeping across his forehead, a mixture of different shades of dark brown. I didn't know who he was, or where he came from, and why he came, but I was forever thankful to him.

He walked up to the four. All he did was crack his knuckles, one by one, and calmly stated, "leave."

The leader coldly laughed in his face and threw a punch. The man blocked it, twisting it back, and kneeing my attacker in the stomach. He fell to his feet, and the mysterious man kicked him in the face. The other three tried to do harm to the man, but failed terribly. His reflexes were just too fast. He punched one in the jaw, the other he kicked in the ribs, and the third decided to escape before he was injured along with his friends. The three crawled away in pain, swearing, looking at me with hate. They turned around and left. As if nothing happened. As if they hadn't just broken me, left me scarred with memories forever embedded in my brain.

I looked at the man who had saved me. His eyes met mine, and I couldn't look away. There wasn't lust in them, there was something else. A deep pain, and sadness. It reflected how I felt right now. In pain and sadness.  I didn't want to speak, I didn't want to get up, I didn't want to do anything but stay there. I think he understood.

He walked towards me, leaned down, his face inches from mine. He didn't glance once at my naked body. His eyes were kept on my face while he took off his leather jacket. He leaned closer, our faces so close, and put the thick and soft leather around me. His hand held the ends of the jacket, zipping it up, so it covered my revealing body. He then turned himself so he was sitting next to me. He sat there, near me, and didn't say a word. He stared off into space and let me be. That's all I wanted. To stay, and to feel safe. I felt safe near him. I don't know why, but I felt he understood what I was going through in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul. I felt disgusted, exposed, and broken like a stick. He understood that. And we just sat there. Staring into space, in that alleyway, for a long time. He stayed with me. For a long time. 


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