The guy

Andriana just wanted to go for a walk. But that one walk changed everything. She met him, his chocolate brown mesmerizing eyes, and the sweep of jet black hair in the shadows. He was an angry, a dark creature at night not wanting to subdue in the shadows. And that night he roared, because of her. To protect her. Why? Adrianna will never know....


5. Shopping

After calling Kelly and saying goodbye, shedding a few tears in the process too, I walked out of Hunter's room to give him his phone. As I was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen, I heard conversation among the boys. When I heard my name, my ears perked up. Deciding not to interrupt them just yet, I put my ear against the wall, staying away from the doorway.

"She's actually staying!", Jack exclaimed, "Hunter I can't believe you actually talked to her, a girl. You never talk."

"I seriously thought the girl would have a break down. I mean come on, we're taking away her life", I think Harry said.

"You guys better be nice to her", Don and Ton, the twins insisted.

"No shit Sherlock," Jace joined in to the conversation.

"So Hunter we're gonna take her shopping today? Seriously? I can't imagine a bunch of gang members carrying around girls' shopping bags in a mall," Josiah chuckled.

I heard a grunt from Hunter, assuming that was his version of a yes.

"This is just great", Jace blurted.

Some of the guys started protesting, even Brandon complaining about how stupid it was having a girl in the house. I even heard some complaints about not being able to walk in their boxers anymore around the house. I smiled at that one. Some of this was really entertaining, but it still hurt to think I wasn't wanted by some of the guys.

After hearing their voices again and again Hunter interrupted.

"Will everybody just.....Ughh..... SHUT UP... please!!!", Hunter yelled, hearing all of them speak over each other. "The girl's staying whether you like it or not."

"But"--- "No BUTs", Hunter interrupted one of the guys.

"The next one to complain will have their face up their ass, get it, got it, GOOD", he stated, might I add very loudly.

They all stared at him like he had lost his mind. I can't blame him though. How does he handle these guys, running a gang is definitely harder than I thought.

After a few seconds everything went back to normal, the boys going into separate conversations and my name wasn't heard after Hunter's outburst. I guess he really is the leader. I decided this was a good time to walk into the room, now that they had cooled down.

I walked in standing next to Jack, and he immediately put his arms around my shoulders. He always does that. I tried to shrug him off but he wouldn't budge.

Jace sitting next to him noticed, "Dude your suffocating her".

"She doesn't mind", Jack replied, "besides none of you are worth cuddling with so Ash is my next best friend. Suck it suckers, she likes me better than you. Right Ash?"

I laughed at Jack's response while Jace flipped him off. These boys are crazy.

"Lets go, we have to go shopping", Matthew called after us, grabbing the keys to the car and jogging out towards the front door.

All the guys slowly started walking out the door, I was about to follow when I heard my name being called.

I turned behind me and suddenly an apple was thrown towards me. I caught it before it fell, turns out Hunter had thrown it at me. What was that for? I looked at him questioningly.

"You haven't eaten anything since morning, must be starving, eat. Otherwise you'll faint to death", he muttered, walking out the door.

I bit into the apple with a smile on my face.

I walked out of the house, towards the car, and climbed in.

He will be the death of me.



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