{A.I.} Sneaking Around

Emily Woods was bored. Bored of Melbourne. Bored of being a single child. But things were about to get interesting. Her father's business was moving to Sydney. So,Mr.Woods and Emily moved in with Mr.Woods's secretary and girlfriend,Karen Clifford. Emily had met her a few times,but never her son. The same night Michael and Emily met,Mr.Woods proposed. And when Emily finally met Michael's friends,a crush developed.
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32. Chapter 31

I sit on a cliff a few yards away from the after party,all alone,watching the sun go down. I smile as I listen to the faded music at the party. The sun eventually goes down and I still sit there. I watch as the lights and people dance around. My phone rings in my little purse and I take it out. It's Ashton. I answer it and smile. "Where are you,Babe?" He asks,sounding frustrated. "I'm on the cliff a few yards away from the party,why?" I ask. He laughs. "I want to see your gorgeous face." "I'm not gorgeous,Ash." I tell him. "Say that all you want,cutie." He says and hangs up. I laugh to my self and put my phone away. I see him walk up the hill. "Finally,old man." I tease. He laughs. "Come here." He says as I get up,pulling me into a hug. He picks me up and carries me down the hill. I laugh the whole way down. "Sillys." Dad says when he sees us. Karen laughs. "You two are perfect for each other." She tells us. I blush. "Same to you and Dad." I smile. Ash takes me over to where Allison,Cal,and Luke are. "Where's Michael?" Ashton asks,putting me down. Allison shrugs. "I'll text him." Calum tells us and I nod.

We walk over to the frozen yogurt truck and order,well,frozen yogurt. We sit at a table and all eat our lovely froyo. I got Key Lime Pie with graham crackers. It's actually really good. We all talk and laugh. "Okay,we're all done." Luke says after waiting for all of us to finish. We walk back to the dance area,I guess you'd call it,and hang out. And dance. I watch as Karen and Dad have the time of their lives. Michael stands next to me. "You know," he says. "That might be you and Ashton one day." "I thought you didn't like me and him dating." I say,still watching Dad and,I guess I should start calling her this,Mom. "Truth is,I lied. I mean,yeah,I was afraid my only sibling would get hurt by one of my best mates," he pauses. "But,I trust him. And if you guys are happy,I'm happy." "So,you lied to me,to keep me safe?" I ask. "Yeah." "That's the most brotherly thing I think you've done!" I say and we laugh. Ashton comes over to us. I look at him. "Cutie." He says. "Adorable." I reply. He kisses me and Michael gags. "Hey,you and Allison kiss." I remark. "So,it's just gross when you two do it." He says and walks off. "Yeah,okay." I say and Ashton laughs with me.

"It's cold!" I yell over my shoulder to Ashton. He wanted me to stand in the water. He puts down my shoes and takes off his and his socks. "Lemme see," He says. He walks up to the water and narrows his eyes at me. "It's not cold." He tells me. "I know,I just wanted a kiss." I reply and he kisses me. I giggle as he picks me up. "Hey,love birds!" Calum yells. "Time to go!" I sigh and we pick up our shoes. "What time is it,anyway?" I ask Calum. "Like,12:40 ish." I look up at the dark sky and smile. We climb into Michael's car and he drives us to our house. I change into footie pajamas and run downstairs. I turn the corner to go out the back door,but scream as Ashton scares me. I laugh. "Ash! Why'd you do that?" I giggle. "So I could surprise you." He tells me giggling and I kiss him. We walk outside and sit at the fire pit with everyone. "Are you guys sure you won't burn the house down?" Mom (Karen) asks Michael,laughing. "I'm sure." He says. They're going to Paris for their honeymoon for,like,2 weeks.

I wake up and smile at Ashton's sleeping face. 'Aww.' I think. I kiss him and he wakes up. "Hey,cutie." I say. "Hi." He says,smiling. "I love you." I say. "I love you too," He tells me. I smile and hug him. "When we're on tour,can we share a bed on the bus?" He asks me. "Of course,Ashton." I say. "Good. Cause I want to start every day next to you." He tells me. "I'd want to start every day next to me too." I say,laughing. He laughs. "Of course you would." He giggles. "As long as I'm next to you,that is." I tell him. "That's more like it." We laugh some more.

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